Oh Hae-young Again + Lucky Romance: When it’s prophecy, probability or… Fate?

phew…am back — albeit temporarily — from Mommy’s duties. Cos I’m kinda behind reviewing Lucky and Oh Hae-young, might as well combine them into one post. Strangely, even though both shows are tonally different, they share one weird similarity — there’s a bit of the pixie dust scattered around them.


In Oh Hae-young, Do-kyung’s too-often (and unexplained) visions lead eventually to reality. Ironically, even with the ability of foresight, he somehow is unable to escape his eventual death (?) As of ep14, Do-kyung has been blatantly taking the opposite direction which his visions pre-empt. In his visions, he sees Hae-young leaving him coldly, and returning to Tae-jin, and he ends up dying with bucket loads of regrets. In reality, he thwarts his visions, and changes his behaviour. Instead of coolly walking away each time like he doesn’t care, he chooses to proactively shows he does care.


And the respite (?) granted to him is loads of cuddles, kisses, and a hilarious brush with law enforcement. Unfortunately, we are not sure if foreknowledge can eventually change a “destined ending”. Do-kyung still sees himself dying or critically injured. And recent events seem to be leading up to the accident itself. (oh noes)


As for Lucky, the entire show hinges itself on the “hocus-pocus” (aka the world of fortune telling, shamanism, superstitions, etc). Ironically, even though Bo-nui follows the advice of the fortune teller to a T, she knows that bulk of fortune telling is crap and that most soothsayers are charlatans. A point which Su-ho, the genius mathematician, puts across in ep6 by calculating the (high) probability of a fortune teller hitting the mark with their desperate clients.


So yes, Bo-nui (and super clever Su-ho) aren’t idiots. Despite Lucky being steeped in superstitions and talismans, the OTP are clear headed (their career choices also point to them being rational as opposed to irrational beings). It’s unfortunate that Bo-nui, having no one and nothing else to turn to, resorts to blaming herself for those series of “bad luck” that happens to her. I believe she is aware that Bo-ra’s continued coma is eating into her mental health, juz that she really has no other avenues to explore, given how financially strapped she is. So ya, she is one of those “desperate clients” which fortune tellers love, not that she can help herself.


However, Lucky also brings across an interesting concept — maybe there is such a thing as “pre-destined” (aka Fate). Other than Bo-nui, the other character who receives loads of talismans is Su-ho. Yes, he sees one, he throws one…but apparently, they work. It may be kdrama’s brand of “Fate”, but in Lucky‘s narrative, it is still Fate. Our OTP’s paths seemingly cross countless times without their knowledge — starting with Bo-nui applying for Zeze Factory’s position, to their eventual meeting in ep1 at the casino (again, the venue — is it Luck when you win in gambling? or you are juz someone who is good in calculating mathematical probabilities?)


Whatever the case, Lucky shares with Oh Hae-young kdramas’ brand of Fate.

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