Glad to say that this very meh show has ended…(and sorry if you happen to be a huge fan of Vampire). Then again, all hope is not lost, since there’s a strong indication that Vampire Detective will follow up with (Series 3?) of Vampire Prosecutor. Now, that has some potential — rather than keeping both worlds separate, combining them may produce a thicker narrative.


Yes, I do find Vampire‘s narrative to be rather weak. I kinda expected that every vampire in the show will die (including San’s beloved Yoo-jin, who really is there as forgone Juliet), once Vampire starts to mix in Prosecutor‘s narrative. The latter has a stronger fantasy edge, with really badass (and violently evil) vampires, as compared to the almost-vampires who are Yo-na, Yoo-jin, Tae-woo and even San.


I find the last scene where San and Tae-woo engage in extremely human fisticuffs to be extremely boring, and draggy. I mean, pls, I expected more — given that both characters are non-human, and possess supernatural abilities. As it is, no fangs are bared. At first, I assumed Tae-woo is unaware of San’s changed status…but he reveals he does know. (from whom? no idea) And even then, Tae-woo still (?) belittles him? Ok, even though San may not be feeding constantly, he should have an inkling that San’s blood type is the “superior” version of his, since he can withstand the vampire’s nemesis — sunlight (or UV rays, to be precise).


Which brings me again to the alpha vampires in Prosecutor. All of them can operate in both daylight and night. Kinda levels the playing field among them and also makes them more threatening. UV lights will not work on them, unlike the primitive vampires in Vampire. And nearly all of our vampires in Prosecutor do drink Yo-na’s “wine” on a regular basis.


The black-trousered figure at the end of Vampire, and Young-kwang’s reference to the “Bad Blood” lead me to assume that Prosecutor‘s evil camp has taken hold of Yo-na’s Helper List, which contains the names of humans who provide the vampire “wine” on a regular basis. Bad news for Min Tae-yeon, and maybe San? Assuming he isn’t hiding himself and sulking over the loss of Yoo-jin (again).


To round up, Vampire Detective (Series 1) isn’t going to be on my Must Watch list for the annual review, but, as I said earlier, all hope isn’t lost.