Final Review: Oh Hae-young Again

In the end, you can’t run from Fate. Do-kyung still gets knocked down by a car (driven by Tae-jin’s ex-fren instead), the ahjusshi singer still commits suicide and the white petals still fall. Thankfully, the ending isn’t what Do-kyung expected. (luckily it isn’t, else we’d all be writing hate mails to tvN)


I thoroughly enjoyed Oh Hae-young, including its list of adhoc guest actors/actresses. Coming from the same PD as Marriage, Not Dating and Super Daddy Yul, we get loads of cameos from the shows’ actors/actresses, which creates this tongue-in-cheek effect and provides a different dynamic to Oh Hae-young‘s characters.


Cameos aside, the tone of Oh Hae-young mirrors Marriage as well. It has that same dreamy feel, and the relationships portrayed are…complicated. What I do like is there are no real “evil” characters — barring Chairman Jang and Do-kyung’s hysterically bitchy mother. But I view the 2 of them as being small minded, ineffective “villains” as opposed to characters who can do damage.


Like Marriage, the romantic pairings are not run of the mill. You have the male lead who ends up with the female lead because he broke up her marriage unintentionally. Seriously, how screw up can that be…? Then there’s Soo-kyung with her “dongsaeng”-like husband, Jin-sang. They prove that there can be marriage, before love. Like An-na describes it, their love affair works backward — they start a family first, know each other disgusting traits, get married, then fall in love. And of cos, An-na and Hoon, the supposedly Lolita and Daddy Long Legs pairing. Only in their case, Lolita wears the pants. 3 very unconventional love affairs, with 3 couples who are madly in love.


Of cos, there’s other non-romantic relationships in Oh Hae-young, which share (and sometimes, steal) the limelight from the lovey-doveys. Hae-young’s mum, Mdm Hwang, and their mother-daughter chemistry always leave me sniffling. Although Mdm Hwang appears stern and no-nonsense, deep down, she shares the same eccentricity and love for life as her daughter. I fully get why Pretty Hae-young feels jealous over Hae-young. I do too. Hae-young has a wonderful mum, who disciplines, but at the same time gives her unconditional love. The little things she does behind her daughter’s back, like sending banchan to Do-kyung — shows not only her thoughtfulness, but that she always will have her daughter’s back (no matter what lousy decisions she makes). (and Hae-young does make some weird-out decisions at times)


Then there’s friendship too. Hoon and those guys who work for Do-kyung? They aren’t juz his subordinates/ colleagues, they treat Do-kyung like a hyung. When he gets upset over the Pretty Hae-young vs. Hae-young reveal, their Beatles-like march down the pedestrian sidewalk is both funny, and touching. They literally trail after Do-kyung juz cos they sense he is unhappy, even though they dunno (and dun get, even after explaining) why. And Do-kyung is usually hard to read — unlike Hae-young, he doesn’t possess much facial expressions (since he guards his emotions so closely).


There’s also Pretty Hae-young and Hae-young. I am glad that Hae-young finally breaks free of her self-imposed lack of confidence and sees that unlike Pretty Hae-young, she is actually very blessed with a supportive group of family and friends. Plus, she has Pretty Hae-young to thank for for her resilience in bouncing back from any setbacks. You can say she has been “conditioned” since high school to bear Pretty Hae-young’s misfortunes, and instead of being crushed, she picks herself up every time.


Sigh…I’m so gonna miss seeing our weird but totally loveable Hae-young on screen.

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