I was juz asking kooriyuki — I don’t recall much pre-show promotion for Three: Gochang. Maybe cos tvN or Na PD is so assured of its success that they don’t need to crow about it in advanced.


Anyway, this season’s Three brings our fishing village folks to dry land. (like, finally…those poor paupers stuck on that island) To Cha Seung-won, Yoo Hae-jin and Sohn Ho-joon, the hanok’s facilities (there’s a fridge!) and surrounding (rather large) farmland in Gochang is paradise in Heaven, after their ordeals in Manjae-do.


Chajumma, and Ho-joonie are initially a little saddened when they hear that Papa Yoo is unable to make it for Three (cos he is tied up with 3 movie filmings at the moment). In exchange, Na PD introduces a new maknae for them to bully — Nam Joo-hyuk (from Cheese in the Trap). Joo-hyuk sheepishly admits during the interview with Na PD that he never eats his veges. And is generally a trashy food lover (think ramyun, chi-maek, spam and sausage, etc) — like all young pple of his generation. His first lunch in Gochang? Vege bimbimyun. (kekeke)


Thankfully, Papa Yoo manages to pull off a hat trick with his managing company, and negotiated for a short break in between filming. So yay! He re-joins the original Three (Fishing) cast for this season. Hilariously, the little ploy he tries to pull over Chajumma — by pretending to be the village head when they visit — fails. Chajumma takes only all of 5sec to recognise the hunch backed figure as Papa Yoo. Luckily Papa Yoo is able to make it to Three, cos earlier on, Chajumma tries his hands at making a DIY kitchen paper roll stand… and sad to say, it looks barely use-able.


Now that Ho-joonie is no longer THE maknae and he has a new dongsaeng to order around, life becomes much easier. Joo-hyuk gets his previous unenviable task of stoking the fire, and even though the stoves are bricked and of better condition than the recycled oil cans on Manjae-do, poor Joo-hyuk is still covered in ashes and soot by the end of the day. But it’s alright, at least the newbie has a good attitude and takes the chores in his (long) strides, even volunteering to do the dishes without prompting. Like all newcomers (and new maknaes), Joo-hyuk is still rather shy at the moment, but I’m quite sure he will warm up to his sunbae-nims.


I don’t think I need to say much about the food, given that we have Chef Chajumma at the helm. The crew does comment though, that breakfast for the following morning is one of the best spreads in Three‘s history, having 4 cooked dishes instead of the usual leftovers from dinner.


And probably you will be asking this: where are the pets for Three (Gochang)? Erm, well, they are in “production”. The crew has placed a tray of duck eggs in the incubator in the hanok, so yeah, we will be getting ducklings. (Chajumma wants Peking Ducks…o_0) The ducks will come in useful for another activity too — rice planting (the ducks are natural pest killers since Gochang produces organic rice). As usual, Na PD confiscates all the cast’s wallets. In return, the crew lend them money, which the cast have to repay by their sweat. Na PD jokingly says he has sold them to neighbouring farmers.

From fishermen to rice farmers then. 😛