I am still trying to wrap my mind around Ji-hong romancing his ex-student, Hye-jung. Not that there is anything wrong with him liking her, after all, they are no longer a pair of teacher-student. And in terms of visual, Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye don’t look that bad when paired together.


It’s juz… I dunno, maybe at the moment, Hye-jung isn’t showing enough chemistry with her teacher. Or maybe it’s a trace of Ji-hong the Teacher shoving his ideas and povs down Hye-jung’s throat without really asking what she thinks or whether she wants them or not. Like how he assumes she should open herself to his “protection”, how he tears up the note on Granny’s case file thinking that Hye-jung should juz “let things be”, and also that kiss at the end? I kinda think he is going ahead with doing what he wants and assuming Hye-jung will reciprocate. (i am hoping she won’t…at least not immediately)


That aside, the whole hospital seems intent on doing anything and everything else besides doctoring. Hilariously, almost every single good looking guy (be they patient or doctor) in the hospital has a crush on Hye-jung. I know she is Park Shin-hye, but please… Having aloof (but dorky) Yoon-do as third wheel is good enough, but we suddenly have a boatload of men with an interest in Hye-jung. For example, Mobster boss (played by Lee Ki-woo) has a crush on Hye-jung after she impressed him with her spunk (and fighting skills) that he becomes a docile puppy after the operation. In another show, they probably would have a loveline. (the gangland boss with his pretty female doctor lover)


Then there’s the re-appearance Soo-chul (Ji-soo), who had a crush on Hye-jung (and god knows what happen after he whisked her off on his bike) and is now a reformed (?) gangster-turned-delivery-man. And last but not least, puppy-dog Kang-soo, the young resident doctor who is having a teenage crush on Hye-jung and absolutely idolizes her.


I kinda pity Seo-woo — she doesn’t stand a chance against her pretty and popular nemesis. In terms of the bitchy second female lead role, I haven’t started hating Seo-woo yet, even though she is petty and slightly vindictive. In many ways, Seo-woo is influenced by her materialistic mother, and unlike Hye-jung, Seo-woo tends to give in to suggestions. So it’s not surprising that years of nagging and “drilling” by her mum have led Seo-woo to believe she needs to be No. 1 in everything, and losing out to someone isn’t an option.


Besides the inordinate amount of romancing in Doctors, the remaining time is taken up by…yes, politicking. I can’t comment much on it, cos whenever the hospital’s Board of Ahjusshis start talking, I ffwd the scenes. 😛 However, it is likely the same-old same-old. (yawns)


And that leaves us with not much time to actually see the doctors in action. (oh, and I got peeved that Yoon-do actually used a patient’s life in ep5 as a “bet” between himself and Hye-jung…isn’t that unethical??)