Wanted: The show must go on…

Anyone here besides me who feels the plot in Wanted is getting rather convoluted? Somehow it seems like the perp (omg, it is the café waiter? or maybe he has someone bigger backing him…) is omniscient enough to see the links between Hye-in and Seung-in. Both of them has a child or had been a child in distress. Both of them are also linked to this Jo Nam-cheol guy in the past and present. I mean, does the kidnapper know that Seung-in would be assigned to Hye-in’s case? (and technically, he didn’t volunteer to take it on, he insisted on carrying on with the internet personality’s kidnapping case, which later overlapped)


Hopefully Writer-nim can link everything together without any gaping loopholes. You can overlook logic gaps in a rom com, but never in a police thriller.

Well, besides the creepiness arising from a clever (?) kidnapper, Wanted also handles the tension between the police and media very well. The latter panders to the rubber neckers in all of us — busybodies who hover around to peek at what lies behind the police tape. And the former — the police — hates both groups. While the curious bystanders will still keep behind the police cordons, the reporters or media people will try all sorts of ways to sneak in to get their scoop.


The slightly unethical and unscrupulous ways which the media deploy to get their stories are all too evident in ep5, when Seung-in and Hye-in discover a dead body positioned in a similar way to Seung-in sunbae’s body. Despite knowing it is ethically incorrect and there is a high chance that important forensics material will be disturbed, Dong-wook muscles his way in using the excuse that he “needs” the footage to satisfy “Wanted” mastermind.


And then when he finds out about Seung-in’s foster father-like sunbae, he proposes to add it into the programme at night to hype up interest. As Woo-shin points out, he seems more interested in making sure his programme sells than caring about Hyun-woo’s safety or anyone else’s comfort level. Seung-in had told him off in his face that his sunbae’s mum is still very much alive, and releasing pictures of his sunbae’s body — which had never been made public — is not only cruel to her but also undignified for the victim. Everyone now has an chance to openly ogle at his sunbae’s dead body.


The other media rep in Wanted who will stoop to whatever low end, is tabloid reporter, Jin-woong. If Dong-wook is a wolf, then Jin-woong is the scavenging hyena. Although he may not have a support team like Dong-wook, he is opportunistic and cunning enough to obtain information on his own. Never mind if he needs to resort to stealing someone’s mobile phone to skim through the contents. He also knows where are his opponents’ weaknesses, like how Dong-wook is grasping at “Wanted” as a last chance in making a comeback to the TV station. Jin-woong “promises” to make Dong-wook famous in his upcoming autobiography, knowing full well that Dong-wook feels insecure about his career and his future.


As of eps5/6, I am firmly on the police side at the moment. The media people like Dong-wook and Jin-woong — they may be more resourceful than the police at digging for information, but they all have a hidden agenda. Plus, they are not forthcoming in sharing what they know with the police, but insist that the police share info with them. (bleah)

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