By now all of us would be familiar with Three‘s format — the guys laze it out, sweat it out (usually on some menial labour tasks), and then pig out. So that begs the question of WHY DID I WATCH Three ON AN EMPTY STOMACH??! (and it’s a Chajumma series…) T_T

Ah well. There’s samgyeopsal in this episode, btw.


Thankfully, the menial tasks manage to take my mind (and the screen) off food. Na PD is really nasty this time. Instead of harvesting, he wants the cast to do planting. And it isn’t a teeny weeny bit of vegetable plot (ok, not tiny) like on Seo-jinnie’s farm, but a 200 acres rice field.


Despite technological advancements in rice planting, the farmers on Jeollabuk-do prefer to grow their crops organic. In particular, the farms around Gochang. Thus, other than a rice planting machine, the rest of the tasks are done by hand. Not that the machine is much help. Under Chajumma’s guidance, the rice planter ends up going in a zigzag motion, which means, there are very wide gaps in between the rows. And to maximize the harvest, all gaps have to be filled with rice seedlings by hand. Yep.


Papa Yoo (ever the engineer) does better with the machine. However, the 2 sunbaes still leave their hoobaes much to do. Ho-joonie and Joo-hyuk spend the whole afternoon folded in half at the waist planting the rice crops. (and these guys are not exactly short…so…)


Ironically, even though the amenities on Gochang’s farm are far better than on Manjae-do (Na PD upgraded Papa Yoo’s bicycle to a motorbike!), Papa Yoo and Chajumma still think Manjae-do’s lifestyle is easier than Gochang. In other words, thanks to the extreme weather condition + the lack of facilities on Manjae-do, the cast is actually freer…to sleep. 😛


At the moment, there are no mention of guests appearing on Gochang farm. (it may be juz us watching 4 guys slave — and eat — on screen) However, there will be a bunch of family “pets” soon — the ducklings will hatch next week. And the first batch happens to crack their shells on Ho-joonie’s birthday. As a reward (and a birthday gift), Ho-joonie is tasked to be Mama Duck to the babies. (aww)