Final Review: Lucky Romance

Someone pls shoot that fortune teller ahjusshi. He obviously knows that Bo-nui is a sensitive soul, and he goes ahead and says things that will likely push her off the edge. (and the “raccoon” he is refering to isn’t even Bo-nui, but Boss Won) I’m quite surprised Bo-nui hasn’t committed suicide in all of 16eps, given that fortune telling ahjusshi keeps harping on her as “the” cause of bad luck. Oh well, at least he ends up being a penniless fortune teller in the epilogue.


Given that Bo-nui has so much to work through, the 1-year lapse is forgiveable — usually I hate the time lapse thingy and see it as bad writing. Su-ho, who develops a rather high EQ near the end of Lucky, cleverly does the reverse psychology thing on Bo-nui. Instead of begging her to return to him, he tells her he will walk away, and let her come to him. However, he leaves her with an encouraging note (as in a literal one); he isn’t angry or disappointed with her in any ways, rather, he is confident that she will work her issues out.


The positivity generated when the OTP are together is what makes the stupid Noble Idiocy and Time Gap tropes easy to bear. Despite Bo-nui’s belief that a string of unfortunate incidents will follow her everywhere, we only see good things emerging when she and Su-ho meet. Like how she manages to finally land a permanent job, how her game, “IF”, takes off, Bo-ra wakes up, Gary finds his dad and even Su-ho reconciles with his parents. Plus, the two are so damn cute together — like a pair of giggly elementary school kids.


If I have to complain, Bo-nui’s change from being a scaredy cat to a confident person is not handled adroitly. I can understand her earlier shift of reliance from fortune telling ahjusshi to Su-ho, since she had considered him as a form of “lucky charm” before she fell in love with him. But after the break up, due to the time constraint to end the show, Lucky doesn’t really do a good job in explaining how Bo-nui manages to walk away completely from her previous neurosis. We can only assume her sister’s presence helped. And that the two spent time away from the city, hidden like recluses (yunno, fresh air, less stress, blahblah).


But I do enjoy the ending though. The OTP comes round in a full circle to meet again at the venue where they first got to know each other. And their game ideas? Bo-nui, the superstitious cat, realizes that “willpower” can over ride even the worst case of bad luck. Su-ho, the over-analytical tiger, accepts that sometimes, “miracles” do happen.

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  1. Beautifully said…or written in your case! In just a few paragraphs, you did manage to capture LR’s essence. Whether the original material was similar to the drama adaptation or light-years away from the final project we actually watched is by now irrelevant. I’m sure the time lapse would have been more properly used had the ratings helped this show, because Bo-nui did suffer from a serious case of neurosis that it’s impossible to be treated with “home-made” medication “(yunno, fresh air, less stress, blahblah)” -LOL!!
    The acting, however, was great and the OTP did pull off a constant, so to speak, rom-com. They did wonders with a script that was not always very helpful. Well done!
    PS The fortune teller had a gift of some sort but to his business decoding and explaining is all that matters. And wasn’t he deadly wrong there or what? He deserved the bankruptcy altogether.

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