First Impression: W

Another new show! And hello, Lee Jong-seok, it’s been some time since we last saw you!


Main cast:

  • Lee Jong-seok (from Pinocchio) as Kang-chul. The titular hero of a popular webtoon, W. He is not only a chaebol, but also good looking, and athletic (having scored a Gold in shooting for the Olympics in 2004). He also was a suspect for murdering his entire family, though was released later due to insufficient evidence.
  • Han Hyo-joo (from Dong-yi) as Oh Yeon-joo. Daughter of W’s author, Oh Sung-moo, she is currently a resident doctor in Myung-sung Hospital. By some magical hocus-pocus, she gets drawn into W‘s world and becomes a wild card after she saves Kang-chul from being murdered.


Read Dramabeans for full recaps.


We are introduced to our characters separately. Kang-chul gets to go first, and we see him clinching the gold for the 2004 Olympics’ shooting event. Unfortunately, next we see him is when he dragged to court, for allegedly murdering his entire family. Of cos, we know he is framed, since we are privy to seeing a cloaked and masked assailant shooting his family members at their home.

Thankfully, as we learn from Yeon-joo’s narration later, Kang-chul picks himself up after he was acquitted for murder and is now a successful businessman owning several hotel chains.


Too bad Kang-chul is fictional. He exists only in the world Sung-moo (Yeon-joo’s dad) created for him. Like Arthur Conan Doyle, Sung-moo grows to hate the protagonist he created. And like Doyle, he seeks to remove him by penning in his murder. On the night Kang-chul was drawn to be stabbed by the same mysterious assailant who murdered his family, Sung-moo suddenly disappears (for a while).


His daughter, Yeon-joo, who is currently a resident doctor in Myung-sung Hospital rushes home when she receives news of her dad’s disappearance. When she learns from her dad’s co-workers that Sung-moo plans to kill Kang-chul, she is shocked. (cos she’s a Kang-chul fan too) Juz as she was left alone, Kang-chul reaches out from his webtoon frame and drags her into his world.


Yeon-joo manages to save Kang-chul…and that’s when the weird things start to happen. W story begins to have a life of its own, as Kang-chul seeks to find out who is the mysterious doctor who saved his life. Yeon-joo too, figures out that she has been pulled into W’s parallel universe. Unfortunately, no one believes her when she tries to explain.

When he learns that his daughter has been pulled into W’s universe, Sung-moo becomes more intent on removing Kang-chul. He starts to draw all sorts of scenarios where Kang-chul will meet his end, but each time, he is thwarted by his daughter. Yeon-joo gets sucked into Kang-chul’s world whenever he is in danger, and manages to rescue him in the nick of time.



50 bucks for betting that mystery assailant is likely to be Sung-moo. Or at least, Sung-moo’s psyche, which has manifested into Kang-chul’s assassin. It may be hard to believe that a creator will wish death on his creation, but it does happen. As mentioned earlier, Doyle wanted to finish off Holmes too. Unfortunately, Holmes’ fans made such a huge outcry that Doyle had to revive him.

In W, Sung-moo has another pressing need to disengage Kang-chul permanently. The two worlds have begin to collide, and Sung-moo’s precious daughter is caught in between. To Sung-moo, he probably thinks he is doing right in protecting his daughter. Who knows what will happen if she gets trapped in W’s world forever? (that’s a possibility and pretty scary)


I also find W somewhat similar to another book — Sophie’s World (by Jostein Gaarder). Both W and Sophie’s World are worlds within worlds. W and the world where Sophie operates in are constructs by an author. But to the readers and viewers, they are juz as “real as reality”, which then begs the question of what exactly is “Reality”? (juz imagine the tunnel of mirrors reflecting each other for infinity)

So. Mind. Boggling.

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