Three Meals a Day (Gochang) ep4: Weecaps

It’s time for the sunbaenims to get to work — while the maknaes prepare lunch at home. From the look on Joo-hyun and Ho-joon‘s faces, I think they’d rather work. (heh) At least Chajumma gives them tons of tips for the nengmyeon (cold noodles) lunch (or maybe it’s an info overload for them).


So while Chajumma spends a rather fun morning picking cockles from the marshy flatland, and Papa Yoo turns weeder for a day, the two boys are left at home displaying their culinary skills or lack thereof. I think Chef Baek is going to kill him if he sees this ep. Ok, to be fair, the lunch turns out edible. But the process is… a little dubious.


For example, while the ingredients for the nengmyeon soup base are correct, Ho-joonie forgets to wash them before throwing them into the pot. Let’s juz hope that cos they are organic they have less dirt? He also makes the common mistake of boiling the noodles along with the water. But luckily, they turn out fine (he is rescued partly by Chajumma later during the cold-water-rinse step). Despite all the missteps (including adding water to egg yolks which resulted in really stinky watery fried eggs), the sunbaenims slurp up the maknaes’ offerings of noodles.


While the boys are busy at home, the elders spend their time enjoy-ably hard at work. Chajumma finds a perverse pleasure in digging through mud for cockles (and doing the lover thing of writing Papa Yoo’s name in sand mud), competing with Na PD on who can fill their buckets faster. Papa Yoo turns himself into a professional grass cutter for the day, decking himself with a helmet and a rotating blade. The ducks are finally put to official work too, and released into the cast’s adopted paddy field to hunt for bugs.


As Chajumma puts it, nothing much happens, but man, they are so tired after the day. 😛


(and special mention: Maknae Joo-hyuk is getting so good at lame repartees that even Chajumma has to do a spit-take at one of his jokes)

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