As we come to the close of ep10, the “victim” has decided to take action instead of passively reacting to the kidnapper’s demands. Hye-in (with Seung-in’s help) kidnaps Ji-eun, one of the alleged kidnappers behind the disappearance of her child.


Hopefully, with this plot twist, Wanted will start to move forward. Imo, the previous eps have been circling around the same issue — a cold case of 7 years ago, which till date, we have no idea what happened. We only know it is somehow tied to Hye-in’s first husband (and Hyun-woo’s biological father, a fact we have known since ep1…but only “confirmed” with Dr Ha’s case). And strangely, the identity of the kidnapper (Soo-hyun), and the possible reason on why he is committing the crime are also made known to us early on. I have no idea why Wanted is still dragging with the concept of the no-longer-mysterious kidnapper’s requests.


Logically, if the identity of the kidnapper is already known, the police should call for a nation wide manhunt and “Wanted” would be taken off air. Why the need to still pander to a kidnapper’s “requests” if he is identified and marked a fugitive? Which is why I find Wanted is trying to mix too many components from popular police trailers and in the process, creating large potholes. (and seriously, is catching a fugitive who is walking around brazenly so difficult??)


If Wanted had stick with an unknown kidnapper with nefarious requests, the show would be geared towards unmasking the scary perv, and make a good guessing game out of the whodunit. Unfortunately, Wanted wants to be “more”. It adds in elements of top-down corruption (the Police Comm’s case, Dr Ha’s case), and a Pied Piperish storyline of a vigilante (Soo-hyun) who is determined to expose said corruption. Result: it all becomes too much, too complicated, and somewhat disjointed. Some characters, like Manager Kwon, have also faded into the background. We are not told what exactly he has been doing, since he claims to be helping Hye-in on the sideline (we did see him beating up somebody way back in ep3).


A cleaner storyline of an unidentified kidnapper who demands the reality show to be aired in accordance to his requests — and the subsequent ripple effects on society (the copycat crimes), the conflict of interest between the media and law enforcement, the tension within the production team — would be more than sufficient to occupy 16 hours. As it is, pouring too much ingredients into the broth is dragging the pace of Wanted and confusing the viewers.