Wow. Some eagled eye viewers guessed correctly that Sung-hee and Councilor Chun are a pair of father-daughter. A nice twist in character-relationships. However…I still need to rant about Sung-hee.


I really see no purpose to Sung-hee as a character in 38, other than “proving” that Jung-do isn’t a bad egg in the past (and present). Hopefully, with the upfront knowledge (from ep11) that she is Councilor Chun’s daughter will provide a more interesting layer to her character. Currently, other than being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes and Jung-do’s ex-lover, Sung-hee hasn’t really grown much in terms of character development.

In fact, I’d go out on a limb to say her character has remained static. In harsher terms, boring. The naïve Sung-hee in the past who was “played out” by Jung-do remains naïve today. She still believes that doing things by-the-book will give her by-the-book results. Thus, she wastes her time, and effort, banging her head (metaphorically speaking) against Chairman Bang’s door. Only to be thrown out in shame and implicating Team Leader Kang.


Ironically, her fiery (and clearly, not thought through) attacks on Chairman Bang are not consistently applied. She gives up the moment she feels the heat — and tries to persuade Sung-il to do the same, to ignore Chairman Bang’s owed taxes, so that everything can remain status quo. In fact, she exemplifies what the baddies in 38 have been saying — that the “lowly commoners” are easily contented, preferring not to rock the boat, and to look the other way…thereby further enriching those who are already rich, and corrupted.


Although Sung-hee appears on screen with a higher frequency than her dad (Councilor Chun), it is the latter whom I find more interesting. From the hints 38 dropped (via Sung-il), Councilor Chun used to be a trusted hyungnim, and he is also genuinely upset about Sung-il brother-in-law’s (also an ex-colleague) suicide. I wonder what made him join “the other side”. I won’t be surprised if the initial reason is to make use of the dirty money to perform a greater good.


You can argue that Sung-hee is a perfect foil to her daddy. Whilst Councilor Chun has wandered off the path, Sung-hee remains straight as an arrow. Then again, it’s a real pity. I was really hoping for her to join forces with Sung-il/ Jung-do. Although she did a cameo as Jung-do’s “wife” during the Chairman Bang Operation, it was shortlived.  With only 4 more eps to go, I’m not confident that her character can make a 180 deg about turn.