The show stealers in Fight should be awarded to Chun-sang and In-rang, they are hilarious and I look forward to whenever they pop up on screen. (am quite sure they ad-lib plenty of the funnies) It’s a pity that their physical appearances may not ever grant them a spot as the leading role in any kdramas, but we have seen them in various shows as strong supporting actors (and usually as the funny man).


I’d say the chemistry between Kang Yi-young (Chun-sang) and David Lee‘s (In-rang) outshines Ok Taecyon and Kim Soo-hyun, though the latter pair (aka the OTP) aren’t that bad either. For once, Taecyon isn’t too jarring in his acting, maybe cos Bong-pal seems to be written juz for him. He may be a gifted ghost catcher (and an A-star student), but Bong-pal is fairly shy and rather dorky. Can’t blame him, since his ability causes other people to ostracise him. And Taec is good at playing a goofy dork. We have seen him in varieties like Three Meals a Day, and when he is not acting (especially not doing the “I-am-so-troubled” expression…which he completely flunks), he is naturally quite a clown (and easily the ladies’ man).


Kim Soo-hyun, on the other hand, is a gifted (child) actress. So even with the controversial age gap, she has zero problems emoting subtle expressions. Thus, imo, Hyun-ji is totally believe-able as a high schooler ghost totally smitten with Bong-pal. I am looking forward to the OTP’s run-of-the-mill romance, from the current maybe-maybe not situation to the full-blown realization.


Hilarity and romance (comedy) aside, the case ghost-of-the-day adds the required spookiness to this summer ghost drama. Thankfully, there is also an overarching mystery to Fight, cos tbh, the per-ep ghost story is wearing thin. (and there’s only so much the rom-com can stretch) Prof Joo is turning creeeepppyy — and for a professor specializing in animal medical practices, he is an animal abuser. (or maybe a feline abuser…and a cat lover murderer) Plus, he appears to also have some extrasensory abilities when it comes to the supernatural. I am speculating he is either possessed (like Officer Choi in Oh My Ghostess!) or he has Bong-pal’s abilities, but with a tendency towards the darker side (aka controlling the bad spirits instead of exorcising them). Thus, maybe, that can explain why he appears to have an axe to grind with Bong-pal’s father (currently MIA).