No. 1 goes to Descendants of the Sun, if you muz know. But Doctors come in a close second. I was expecting the usual boatload of tension from a medical kdrama, but it never materialized. Sure, there’s still the politicking in the background, though even that is very lukewarm in comparison to other Kdramas’ offerings.


We get a medical case per ep, usually with some form of heartstrings pulling — like eps13/14’s case of the 2 little boys who both have brain tumours (gosh, what are the chances for that?!), and a cameo by Namgoong-min as their poor (as in literally too) single-daddy. Otherwise, Doctors runs on a very predictable narrative every ep. There’s the developing lovey-dovey between the OTP who has been amazingly smooth sailing (and who i still think have zero chemistry despite Park Shin-hye dressing herself older in midi skirts and flowerly blouses), the usual whinings from poor rich gal Seo-woo wrt her unrequited love with Yoon-do and Life in general, then the mild funnies from the side characters (aka the other doctors and nurses).


Not to forget the politicking in the background — with a very ineffectual “Baddie” in the form of Director Jin. Who appears to be more of a Daddy’s boy than a real evil-doer. Director Jin’s approach to usurp the Hospital’s Board involves making sure he is Mr Popular, and that means he wants to play Nice Guy to everyone, even those in the opposite camp. So he offers Hye-jung a chance to become the Hospital’s Face, by taking up the TV appearance — right in front of his daughter, whom he kindly belittles in the hope that Hye-jung will take up his olive branch. (and not to forget the over peppering of compliments coming from him)


A rather refreshing take on the usual Kdrama evil-ahjusshi trope. Instead of ensuring Hye-jung will never cross his path again (maybe like trap her and make sure she loses her medical license, etc), Director Jin decides the best way to “remove” Hye-jung as a threat is to make her his friend. Though I am not quite sure how much of a threat Hye-jung can be.


The background case of Hye-jung granny’s table death is very weak. Doctors upfront tells us that the statute of limitations is way past. So Hye-jung can’t sue the hospital, much less Director Jin. Her only recourse is to have Director Jin apologise and admit to a mistake. Even then, this teeny revenge narrative usually gets brushed under the carpet each ep, and is only brought up whenever there’s a slight lull in the general narrative (i.e. when there’s really nothing much to say).

PS: kooriyuki: Doctors is so yawn-inducing with the focus on the love story(s) I just let it run in the background and Google the pediatric cancers mentioned in this week’s episodes. The cancers are more interesting than the drama, period.