I don’t think it’d be too far fetched to say that Bong-pal/ Hyun-ji’s romance is doomed for failure. After all, they live on two separate dimensions. (similar to W‘s OTP) Usually, such romances will end up if not in a sorrowful breakup, then a human Doppelganger who looks like the ghost will replace the ghost gfren. (or if there’s reincarnation involved, then the human version may lost all earlier memories)


Whatever the ending Ghost chooses to pick, we can at least enjoy the 4-way romance that has started to play out from ep9. Who knew that In-rang will play an unrequited “third wheel” in the OTP relationship? (heh) And Chun-sang’s one-sided jealousy over Hyun-ji cos of In-rang’s change in affections? Priceless. 😛


The humorous duo’s addition to the OTP’s romance aside, Ghost deftly uses Hyun-ji’s consistent appearance on screen to lull us into forgetting that she is no longer human. Like any girl who experiences her first love or has her crush reciprocated, Hyun-ji blushes, gets embarrassed, decides that she needs to be more demure all of a sudden in response to Bong-pal’s attention. Plus, Ghost piles all the usual Kdrama romantic motifs on us — the accidental skinship, the maybe-maybe not prelude to the confession, the bickering couple turns romantic couple trope, etc — so we can’t be blamed for forgetting that Hyun-ji isn’t your normal female (human) lead.


However, the occasional glimpses of bewilderment from passerby who can only see Bong-pal while the couple date is enough to stop the cute. Sure, it can be funny to see Bong-pal talking to air, eating with air, and even kissing air. But it is also alarming — you either think he is cuckoo, or if you are more superstitious, you believe he can “see things”.


Thus, despite Hyun-ji’s “advantages” over a female human in a relationship (e.g. she can poof off (even in midair on a ferris wheel) at the slightest bit of embarrassment), it doesn’t take much for us to see the huge disadvantage she has. She isn’t “real” in a sense that she is no longer a human. A simple thing such as dolling herself up for a date is poignant and a stark reminder of her status, since Hyun-ji can’t even see her own reflection.