Three Meals a Day (Gochang) ep6: Weecaps

It’s blazing hot, and our cast have all tanned themselves to a cheery lobster color (in particular, Ho-joonie). Even with the face mask sponsored by Chajumma, poor Ho-joon still looks like a flushing beet.


As a reminder that Three is not ALL about getting the cast to be free labourers for the vicinity’s farming community, the cast gets to choose their R&R activity during their stay. And they opted for … ping pong (or table tennis). I think Na PD must be regretting his suggestion: cos the cast got seriously hooked on ping pong matches. They play it under the scorching 34 deg C sun, and then continue playing it at night. And since Three is a variety show, it means the poor crew muz also stay up with them to film.


Besides the non-stop, on-going table tennis matches, the cast also gets to visit the nearby woods and stream to release heat. Cue: the sunbaes lazing around, and the hoobaes having a splashing fun time in the stream.


Of cos, we can’t juz watch Papa Yoo and all enjoy themselves right? The mission for ep6 is to harvest sweet potatoes. Although the cast is only given one stretch of the 30 acres field to dig up the tubers, each stretch is 200m. (gasp) Amazingly, Papa Yoo takes to farming work like fish to water (maybe he is better suited at crops than fishing). He had no issues driving the rice planter, and today, he shows he’s a fast learner at harvesting sweet potatoes too.


If only he’d bring more clothes to change…fyi, the other guys change at least 2-3 sets of outfits. But Papa Yoo wears his mountaineering top and trackpants from dawn till dusk. (i don’t wanna imagine how stinky he is…)

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