Three Meals a Day (Gochang) ep7: Weecaps

The cast returns to another sweltering summer day in Gochang farmhouse, to find that their ducklings have fully transformed into ducks. (er, like what else can they be?) In addition to the flock of ducks, we have another animal guest for ep7 — Papa Yoo‘s pet corgi, Gyeo-wool (Winter). He did make an appearance (shortly) in ep3, but seems like he is here to stay (at least for the whole of ep7/8).


I suppose being cooped up in a city apartment is boring for a doggie, cos Gyeo-wool went happily berserk at having so much space to run. The first two things he established as his hobbies are — chasing the ducks and harassing the chickens. (lol…dogs) It’s funny when Papa Yoo calls a MIA Gyeo-wool to return to him — he starts off with “No! Gyeo-wool, NO!”.


Papa Yoo laughingly explains to Joo-hyuk and Ho-joonie that Gyeo-wool is rather mischievous, and usually up to no good. Thus the default response is a “No!”, and Papa Yoo has incorporated it into his daily commands for Gyeo-wool.


Well, since the corgi is here to stay (poor avian residents), Papa Yoo decides to construct a kennel. Everything goes well…until he decides to decorate it. Maybe engineers are meant to be not very artistic…


Chajumma is arriving later for ep7 due to filming commitments, so the remaining 3 guys have to settle lunch on their own. Which is a challenge, even though they decide on the simplest thing — bibimbap (without the fancy vege even). Papa Yoo chooses the safest route. He simply adds the radish sprouts kimchi which Chajumma prepared weeks ago to his black bean rice. Ho-joonie and Joo-hyuk wanna do something more “appetizing”. They decide to fry potato strips and eggs together with the rice. Joo-hyuk goes one step further by adding ketchup to the end product.


Needless to say, simplicity is the best. Joo-hyuk’s ketchup-cum-fried eggs and potatoes bibimbap tastes the weirdest (even he has trouble swallowing each mouthful). Ho-joonie’s egg + potatoes fried bibimbap is oily. Only Papa Yoo’s kimchi bibimbap looks borderline appetizing.

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