W – Half-time Comments

It’s been a looooong loooooong time since I can’t wait for new episodes of any drama to come out. W continues to blow my mind week after week with its ever-changing rules, although one question remains despite the constant changes: free-will.


Like how some viewers commented, Part 1 is over and done with, and Part 2 begins with Yeon-joo re-entering the manhwa universe when “The End” mysteriously changed itself to “To be Continued” on the last frame of the W comic. We learn that Yeon-joo was the original creator of Kang Chul, and her Dad took the idea and further develop make him into a main character of a revenge thriller. Alas, Dad’s laziness as a writer created a mess as we’ve seen in Episode 9, where the real monster is not Kang Chul as he thought, but the faceless villain who developed an existential crisis. And while it was rather unwise to give Faceless his own face, Dad’s reasoning was correct because Kang Chul did see his face when Dad was stabbing him on the rooftop.


I guess what threw all of us off the track was Dad become faceless in the process, and the new ending he and Su-bong cooked up went up into ashes as Faceless became shockingly ecstatic with an identity. I think by giving Faceless his own face, Dad bestowed him the power of The Creator, which is probably why Faceless is able to teleport at will, as well as passing through worlds without any trouble. It’s definitely interesting to see how Writer-nim intends to conclude this plot point because it’s complicated and tricky to logically explain.


I have no doubt however, our OTP will find a way to each other, and the “amnesia” is just a plot device to provide the required angst to the sweet love story we saw in Episode 7 and 8. I think it’s totally understandable that Yeon-joo falls in love in an instant with Kang Chul because it’s a young girl’s dream came true, and Kang Chul is everything she wanted when she was a teenager. She’s just so cute and fumbly in love and Yeon-joo is totally adorable to watch when she’s with Kang Chul. Now, why is Wednesday so far away again?

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  1. I can’t wait, either!

    I am really hoping the writer is able to tie up all the story threads logically . . . It would be such a shame for something that started so well to bomb out.

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