Moonlight Drawn by Clouds – First Impression

No words can express the amount of cute and fluff in the first outing of Show. I attribute it to our leads Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo-jung, whose screen presences either alone or together brings forth a whole load of playfulness, cute, and of course chemistry.


Show puts a huge disclaimer right in the beginning that there’s no historical accuracy whatsoever, so it should be enjoyed as a love story that simply took place in the Joseon era, with a few historical figures involved. That said, I really enjoy that Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) is mischievous, although I have a feeling it is to mask his real insightful self in order to survive the stifling palace life. He enjoys things that he shouldn’t, such as reading unorthodox books (ie romance genre), or sneaking out of the palace alone. It totally helps that Park Bo Gum exudes such boyish charm that it adds dimensions to an otherwise 2D character in the hands of a lesser actor.


Having acted many sageuks, the role of Ra-on/Sam-nom should be a breeze for Kim Yoo-jung even though she’s six years younger than Park Bo Gum. Their chemistry is sizzling when they’re sharing the same scene, but on her own or with other cast members, Kim holds just as well, especially the scene when she starts her day dressing as a guy to conceal her gender. I can’t wait to see what hijinks will ensue when she becomes a eunuch by Lee Yeong’s side, especially when he can be petty and will definitely be taking revenge since she left him alone in the hole.


As all sageuks go, there’s some political fights going on between the King and the Prime Minister, and as the trailer for Episode 2 shows, the Prime Minister’s faction is eyeing to depose the Crown Prince. It certainly doesn’t help that Lee Yeong is playful and uninterested in studies, on top of the King being fearful of something in the past which kind of made him a puppet of the Prime Minister. On a more personal level, Lee Yeong will also have to fight against Kim Yoon-sung (Jinyoung of B1A4), as revealed in the promo materials, but not yet hinted at in Episode 1.


Yoon-sung saw through Ra-on’s disguise rightaway, which should make an interesting love triangle when Lee Yeong realises his own feelings for her. I do hope that it’ll take a fresh spin on the cross-dressing love lines (I don’t mind if it’s something like Splish Splash Love!). I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee Yeong’s sister Princess Myeongun (Jung Hye-sung) falls for Yoon-sung, and I also wonder how will the Crown Princess (Chae Soo-bin) play into the story. There’re hints of darkness although Episode 1 is really mostly fluff and cute, which I don’t mind at all. Bring forth the cute, Park Bo Gum!

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