Oooh. I totally overlooked this option of resolving the ghost-human romance in Ghost — by making the “ghost” a wandering spirit of an alive but comatose human. It’s not a new idea, some dramas do use that to (force) create a happy ending. (note to self: then wat about W??) At least it now places Bong-pal and Hyun-ji on even grounds. Hyun-ji’s previous Nobly Idiotic move to leave Bong-pal is now also moot.


In additional, making Hyun-ji a non-ghost aids in furthering the romcom aspect. We are near the end of Ghost, and the tying up of (possessed?) Prof Joo + Bong-pal’s storyline. Which is mainly all grim and bleak. After all, Prof Joo (or the evil spirit in him) did harm 3 of Bong-pal’s loved ones — his parents, and Hyun-ji. And all for the petty reason that evil spirit was chased out of his former “abode” (i.e. Bong-pal). Can’t say I will miss the closure of this thriller arc, cos I am by now thoroughly annoyed with the growly background sound cue that accompanies Prof Joo’s trademark icy glare. (like what, he is a peeved doggie?)


Since Ghost is basically a rom-com, I can forgive the thriller-mystery arc for being annoyingly boring. So I am very glad that with Hyun-ji’s resuscitation , the rom-com get revived too. Cos it is getting a little nowhere with Hyun-ji being obviously not on the same plane as Bong-pal.


The short term amnesia trope, instead of being a pain to watch, also works in furthering the funnies too. Previously, Bong-pal had a sort of “exclusive rights” to Hyun-ji, since he is the only one who can see her. That means he has the upper hand in the relationship. And Hyun-ji, being a wandering spirit, naturally attaches herself to him (since she can communicate with him as opposed to other humans who can’t see her). Now she gets the same treatment when she reverts to being a human. In order to jog her memories, Bong-pal now hangs around her like a lost puppy — juz like how Hyun-ji used to in their “previous” relationship.


But the best part comes from the green eyed monster bit. Barring the fact that Prof Joo is closing in on Hyun-ji for a not-so-innocent reason, Bong-pal’s discomfiture at seeing both of them together (with Hyun-ji being smitten with Prof Joo’s good looks and chivalrous manners) is a tit-for-tat for Hyun-ji’s previous unhappiness at seeing Bong-pal go starry eyed over his crush.


Even then, I do hope Hyun-ji fully recovers from her amnesia soon, not only for the sake of Bong-pal’s charm bracelet, but I do want to see both of them fighting off ghosts as a team asap.