Like all other long family dramas, Our Gap-soon has a sprawling cast and not everyone’s relationship with everyone is clearly stated in the first episode. All we know are Gab-soon (Kim So-eun) and Gab-deol (Song Jae Rim) have been dating for 10 years, and their mothers don’t seeem to like each other. On top of that, it appears that Gab-soon’s older sister married Gab-deol’s ex-brother-in-law? All that makjang already in making.

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Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise given the scriptwriter wrote King’s Family, which was LOL-funny at its best and downright ridiculous at its worst. Let’s not even mention that WTF ending. But I do hope Show will be more interesting than its predecessor, because at least here it doesn’t seem as far-fetched in the storyline compared to King’s Family and there’s not as much shouting yet…?

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I still have no idea why title is as it is, although I’m definitely not complaining if that means I can get more of The Rim on my screen. Gab-soon is definitely getting the shorter end of the stick in her relationship with Gab-deol, who’s not only immature but also has absolutely no plans for the future. I was facepalming that he’s flirty, playful and insensitive to Gab-soon’s feelings when they’re with their friends, although plus one point that he chased after her when she left the club? That one point was deducted however when he tried to kiss her at the alley when she was obviously distressed (even though he knows she still loves him after their breakup). Ugh so unromantic but I guess it’s a setup for what’s in store for Gab-soon and Gab-deol (the hijinks!)

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There’s nothing much to recommend about Show to be honest, but my love for The Rim, and the chemistry he shares with Kim So-eun, are probably enough to sustain me for the next 24 weeks (it better not extend any more episodes!) So unless you like family dramas, or you love The Rim and/or Kim-So-eun, then I guess it’s better to just skip this.

UPDATE: With Episode 2, more of the interpersonal relationships are shown, and yep, makjang in making. So basically Go Doo Shim plays the role of Mom to Gab-soon and her two older siblings, Jae-soon (Yoo Seon) and Se-gye (Lee Wan, or if you prefer, Kim Tae Hee‘s kid brother). Jae-soon is herself a divorcee (?) who marries Gab-deol’s ex-brother-in-law Jo Geum Shik (Choi Dae Chul) and she’s treated like a maid by her two stepdaughters and her husband’s younger sister. Se-gye is son-in-law to your typical rich and snobbish Korean family, and is paraded by his mother-in-law shamelessly just because he’s a doctor. It appears that his wife is much younger than him, and Mom is mad at Dad for pushing Se-gye to marry that girl instead of someone else.

There’s also another rich father and son duo, but for some unknown reasons they’re renting a small room from Gab-deol’s Mom. While we get to see more of Gab-soon’s family dynamics in the first two episodes, we don’t know much about Gab-deol’s. All that is known is they’re poorer, there’s no Dad and Gab-deol’s sister Da-hae (Kim Gyu Ri) is a KTV hostess. There’s no explanation yet why she got divorced, although it’s hinted at that her Mom was taking care of her two daughters while she was still married to Geum Shik.

And HOHOHO, Gab-soon is pregnant! Watcha gonna do now, Gab-deol-ie?