Three Meals a Day (Gochang) ep9: Weecaps

This ep is mainly all about food. Chajumma displays his culinary skills again to whip up Mapo Tofu (a Chinese dish) and Jangpon-guk (seafood spicy stew). And this is after the cast returns from nearly getting sidetracked to Seoul while enroute to Gochang Dolmen Museum (the stone works museum).


Well, their only purpose to get to the museum is not for infotainment, but for…the air conditioning. To top it off, it starts to pour while they are chillaxing at the museum’s patio. And Papa Yoo falls snoringly asleep, to the amusement of the other guys.


Since the cast have been at the farmhouse on and off for a few months, the rice stalks have grown, and are now producing grains. That means the ducks (no longer ducklings) may get interested in the crops. In other words, they will have to be retired from the field.


To aid in giving them a comfortable retirement home, Papa Yoo takes to remodeling the chicken coop to an aviary duplex of sorts. Unfortunately, it’s the chickens that took the shorter end of the straw, cos their previous spacious coop is now reduced by a quarter — and they are taking that quarter. While the 12 ducks take the bigger 75% coop-space. (oops)


A few weeks later, the cast regroups again for ep10’s shoot…and omg, the 2 maknaes (Ho-joonie and Joo-hyuk) are dressed to the nines. Reason? Chajumma has suggested a family portrait shot before they end the series, and has ordered everyone to come dressed in their Sunday best.


And that explains why Papa Yoo, the tracksuit guy, is decked in a…tuxedo. Hilariously, Chajumma appears in his usual t shirt and loose pants. And did a spit take (plus nearly choked) on his iced coffee when he saw Papa Yoo. (lol)


…says the one who ordered everyone to play dressed up…

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