I think it’s not difficult to understand why Show is a ratings winner among the weekend dramas. It’s not in-your-face makjang like Our Gab-soon or Blow Breeze, but it felt more like What’s with My Family – introspective about family and life. Admittedly, the first episode was more like an introduction to the characters but not so much on the plot, but the story definitely begins proper with the patriach Lee Man Sool (Shin Gu) leaving home without a word (ok he left a letter).

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The promotional materials touted Lee Dong Gun, Cha In Pyo, Hyun Woo and Choi Won Young as “4 guys who each runs their own brand of tailoring business for men’s suits” (from DramaWiki), but it’s hard to see how Hyun Woo’s character Kang Tae Yang and Choi Won Young’s yesteryear rockstar Sung Tae Pyung (or Sung Joon) tie in with Lee Dong Jin (Lee Dong Gun) and Bae Sam Do (Cha In Pyo), as the latter two are either already in the suits business or used to be a tailor, respectively. Tae Yang is a young man who can’t find a steady job for some reasons, and well Sung Joon just returned to Korea thinking he’s still a well-known rockstar.

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So anyway, Dong Jin and Dong Sook (Oh Hyun Kyung) are Lee Man Sool’s children, and Man Sool runs a small men’s suits tailor shop which was inherited from his father. Dong Jin is unwilling to take over the family business, which he thinks it’s better to close it down in light of the big apparel businesses. He himself is the son-in-law of one of such business, and he thought he’ll be handed the business as promised by his late father-in-law, but it appears that the stepmother and stepbrother of his wife changed the will, and Dong Jin ends up being “exiled” to one of their factories/warehouses at the countryside. Nevertheless, he respects his father’s talents and skills as a tailor, a sentiment not shared by his materialistic and spoilt wife. His sister Dong Sook on the other hand, is an airhead with a teenage crush on Sung Joon. She’s twice divorced and has an adult daughter who’s probably more mature than her.

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Before Man Sool was discovered missing, his protege Bae Sam Do quitted the tailor business to open a fried chicken place with his wife Bok Seon Nyeo (Ra Mi Ran). Now that Man Sool is missing, I wouldn’t be surprised that Sam Do will feel obliged to continue the business for his teacher, which will cause tension between him and his wife. Tae Yang seems to like Na Yeon-shil (Jo Yeon Hee), but he has a girlfriend, who I guess will break up with Tae Yang soon because Dong Jin’s wife stepbrother Min Hyo Sang (Park Eun Seok) is trying to woo her.

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Yeon-shil works for Man Sool, and treated like family by Man Sool and his wife. She marries Hong Ki Pyo (Ji Seung Hoon) who was an organ donor to her own father (but her father still passed away in the end) and Ki Pyo even cleared all her debts that incurred due to her father’s medical bills. Ki Pyo is called a “gangster” by some of the characters, but Yeon-shil insists that he’s actually a nice person under that gruff appearance. The wedding was destroyed first by Sung Joon singing an inappropriate song (someone invited him to person at the wedding), and then police crashing in the venue trying to apprehend Ki Pyo. And so it turns out that Ki Pyo had some dealings with Hyo Sang, who convinces Ki Pyo to admit to his crime in exchange for a store or two from the Min’s suits business.

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I’m not quite sure how the lovelines will be played out, though it appears that Yeon-shil and Dong Jin should be one of the OTPs. Being a weekender, it’s highly unlikely that Show will be makjang free, especially coming from the writer behind Hundred Year Inheritance and Legendary Witch. Nonetheless, Show seems promising and I wouldn’t be surprised if it continues to pull in the numbers if it lives up to its promise of a story about family, love and friendship.