The funniest thing for these 2 weeks? Jo Jung-suk. Oh man, poor him (as Hwa-shin) got felt up all over by Gong Hyo-jin (Na-ri) and then later by a orthopedist and then he had to suffer the humiliation of being diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his muscular MALE chest, after going through a life-altering mammogram. I am helping Hwa-shin cap the “male”, cos he keeps harping on his “masculinity” throughout Jealousy. (pfft) And the complementary image of a squashed tomato during Hwa-shin’s first mammogram session? Priceless. (dies of laughter)


So poor male chauvinist Hwa-shin got himself stuffed into a flowery pink hospital gown (rofl) and had to share a double room with none other than his (ex) admirer, Na-ri. Not that he acknowledges the “ex” part, despite various attempts from Na-ri to inform him (from politely to near point of exasperation) that she no longer has any interest in him. As a further affront to his immense male pride, everything in the gynecology ward is in various shades of pink — from his (oh horrors of horrors) flowery gown (which he attempts to inject some form of MAN-ness by rolling up the sleeves, Burly Worker style…sorry, not helping), to the pink rubber slippers, to the rose bud pink wrist tag, to even the peachy pink curtains separating him from universal embarrassment.


And then he had to suffer through the gynae calling him a halmoni (old lady), cos yunno, he EXPRESSIVELY said in his manly loud voice to never acknowledge him by NAME. Since he is so famous, blah blah, and the last thing he wants is to have the female species chortle behind his back for contracting a WOMAN disease. (eh hello, it’s not cervix cancer. like Na-ri said, men have boobs too) Maybe he won’t be so fussy if he got prostrate problems eh?


Last thing that nearly made me choke on breakfast this week? Jo Jung-seok trying on a bra. Ok, Hwa-shin isn’t putting the usual D-cup padded stuff, but a cotton support for post-breast op patients. Only thing is he wrapped it the other way around, thinking it’s the conventional hook-behind type of lingerie. (for the men’s info, there are front clasping bras…even “conventional” ones) And to show off his (ahem) broad chest (boobs?) he purposely tries to pinch and tug the edges close, while petulantly ordering Na-ri to “come measure his chest width” already. (rawrr)


And yes, when he heard that there are bra pads for sale for the support bra, he isn’t shy to ask Na-ri to get some for him too. Hey, what happened to the difference between male-female boobs he is harping on for the past weeks?