This is one drama which I can never get why the ratings were sky high, when the pace is slow, the story is boring, the characters were never too…relatable. Sure, I do like the narrations Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) did at the end of the episodes, because I found those introspective and humanistic, but that’s about it.


I get that the writer for Doctors is no stranger to coming up with stories about social hierachy and what not, and essentially Show is the same ole quasi social commentary + love story but set in a hospital. Not that writer-nim did not deliver what she promised, and Hye Jung did become a better person (not that she was nasty to begin with anyway), found love and learnt how to trust. Show was too focused on Hye Jung’s trajectory and her love story with her ex-teacher Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won), and everyone else ended up falling sideways. Yoo Da In felt more like a cameo than anything when in the beginning of Show she was made to appear like a potential love rival for Hye Jung.


But the character whom I found to be most short-changed is that of Jung Yoon-do (Yoon Kyun Sang), who’s being relegated to an admirer of Hye Jung, and even an observer to many of the events that happened. Towards the end I don’t see him doing much surgery (it’s always Ji Hong and Hye Jung), and he just fades into the background.


At least Jin Seo-woo (Lee Sung Kyung) had some character growth, which came too late because it took away the possibility of a potential girly threesome with Hye Jung and their high school friend Soon-hee (Moon Ji-in), because Show just doesn’t have enough friendship to go around, only moony eyes (from Ji Hong) or unnecessary rivalry.


Don’t even get me started with the politicking because that was just so boring and the villians were pretty ineffective. The group of interns and residents were much more interesting, heck even In Joo (Yoo Da In), Yoon Do’s uncle and Yoon Do’s living arrangement hijinks were more interesting, but sadly these were just comic relief and nothing more. I really like the group of budding doctors because they’re so much more relatable and earnest, with their doubts about being doctors (Ahn Jong Dae) or being the peacemaker (Pi Young-gook), are people we’ll always find around us.


For me the rookie who shined most has to be Choi Kang Soo (Kim Min-seok), because at such a young age with a bright future in front of him, who’d have thought he’ll have a brain tumor? But he faced it bravely and it’s only befitting that he gets an optimistic ending that complements¬†his sunny disposition. I wish Show had been written in a different manner, with a more balanced focus on the second leads, instead of giving excess attention to a not very realistic love story and other mundane issues. Ah well, good thing it’s over. Next drama please!