Ok, so I’ve said earlier that Jealousy is hilarious — especially Hwa-shin’s response when he gets diagnosed with breast cancer. But come to think of it, his reactions do have some truths in them. Although it is rare for a man to get breast cancer (like in Jealousy, the stats are 100 or less a year), they may still have the misfortune to be diagnosed with it. Unfortunately, the male patients, being the minority, do not get the same “treatment” as the ladies.


By treatment, I mean the follow-ups. Women get offered breast reconstructive surgeries, they are treated with more sympathy, and as Na-ri has shown, post-op care products are catered mostly for women. So it’s no wonder Hwa-shin gets walloped by his mum when she sees him “cross-dressing”. If only she knew that he is hiding an operation scar (which is very fresh) beneath the pink bra, she probably won’t whack him so hard with a metal tray.


Besides the op scar, Hwa-shin hides way too many things. He may have been the one who outed his hyung for cheating on customers, causing his business to fail and turning him into an alcoholic…but Hwa-shin shouldn’t be held responsible for his hyung’s death. In fact, hyung has already forgiven Hwa-shin (unlike the rest of his family members). While there is nothing morally wrong with exposing his hyung’s business malpractice, Hwa-shin has this stubborn streak of pride that causes him to tip things way over the scale. Plus, he doesn’t like to apologise.


Though that doesn’t mean he isn’t sorry for his actions. Judging from the stacks of Rak Pasta paper napkins in his house, I assume Hwa-shin already knows the location of Bbal-gang and his hyung long ago. I won’t be surprised if he has been secretly supporting them financially or checking out their living conditions occasionally. Likewise, I do believe that he likes Na-ri way back, during the same period she was crushing on him. For example, he noticed that her work pass’ strap has broke, and offered her a new one.


Juz as his pride is withholding him from saying sorry to the people he love, it is also eating him out from within. On several occasions, he has snapped at Na-ri to “find someone better”. Though he says it as though out of spite, it somehow seems to me he really thinks he isn’t worth anyone’s concern, much less love.

Poor little funny guy…