This is gonna be a touch and go thing, focusing only on the Gab-couple, since well, I believe that’s the only reason why we’re watching this drama.

Week 1


Gab-soon (Kim So Eun) and Gab-deol (Song Jae Rim) have been dating for 10 years, and let’s not pretend it’s not there – Gab-soon is the mature one while Gab-deol just refuses to grow up. So they broke up (and it’s probably not the first time), and then made up again (with much passion), and Gab-soon soon realises she’s pregnant. Oops.

Week 2


Gab-soon tells her older sister first that she’s pregnant, and decides she’ll no longer stay at the temple to study for her exams to become a teacher, but remains in Seoul (why? I don’t know). Their aunt happen to see them at a jjimjibang, and is convinced that Gab-soon is back in the city, although both Gab-soon’s parents refuse to believe it. We then go into the repeated sequence of Dad calling the temple to verify, and a series of misunderstandings led Dad and Mom assume that Aunt is imagining things, and Aunt is adamant to prove herself right.

Gab-soon breaks the news of her pregnancy to Gap-deol, whose first reaction was to run away, goes to the clinic with her for abortion, only to have Gab-soon break down and insist that she’ll have the baby. And so, the next solution is to cohabit until they both pass their respective exams and then get married. What a brilliant idea.

The young couple goes around looking at rooms, and then Gap-deol just had to carry his bag of cash in such a manner that screams “I have lotsa cash here!” and he got robbed not once, but twice. Facepalm. Well at least the second time he managed to hold on to his bag until police came, and he was badly beaten up.

Week 3


Thus begins Gab-soon’s and Gab-deol’s life together, and they soon realise it’s not a bed of roses. Gab-soon suggests that one of them works while the other studies, and Gab-deol volunteers that he’ll work. Alas, he’s all about going to PC cafes and game, wasting money and time. Gab-soon finds out pretty quickly, and she orders him to study instead while she goes work. And of course, Dramaland is never a big place to begin with, and Gab-soon almost run into Mom and her sister, and finally run into her brother Se-gye (Lee Wan).

Se-gye is mad that baby sister is pregnant and tries to talk some sense into Gab-deol (but of course that’s impossible). Gab-soon and Gab-deol begin to quarrel, after they decided it’s best that both of them study together. Gab-deol can’t focus and answers his phone every so often, and Gab-soon finds out that he’s flirting with different girls. They just keep quarreling, making up, quarreling, making up, it’s tiring to watch after 6 episodes of rinse and repeat, even though OMG when they’re sweet together it’s so silly and fun to watch.