Final Review: W

This is one show which kooriyuki and myself make sure we are totally free to watch every week. kooriyuki even resorts to watching raw unsubbed juz so to know in advanced what has happened. 😛


And finally, W has ended. As in both the drama, and the webtoon in the drama. I suppose Yeon-joo answered her own question on what happened to the characters after a story ends. Well, they either walk out to your world, or more likely, they continue living in theirs. (or, they freeze or become non existent, as Kang-chul and Sung-moo discovered)


Similarly with Queen In-hyun’s Man (which was written by the same script writer), the OCD me always have a few burning questions which I find Writer-nim never bothered to answer. That is: how in the world is (not real) Kang-chul going to survive in Yeon-joo’s (“real”) world? Remember he has no identity, no social security number…and not even a bank account. Is he going to sponge off Yeon-joo forever?


Practical unanswered questions aside, W is a joy to watch. 2016 seems to be a year for the metaphysical — we had Signal which crisscrossed past and present, and then W, which spins off the real vs. construct argument. It also leads me to discover an acting gem — Kim Eui-sung, whom I’ve discussed his chameleon abilities previously.


Once Sung-moo gave his face to Masked Murderer, it’s a foregone conclusion that he has to die. But oh man, he went down pulling a few nasty peeps along. I loved the scene where a faltering and almost mad Sung-moo gained a few moments of lucidity to wield his powers over his creation for the last time. The murder-suicide scene of Politician Han is at once chilling, yet triumphant. Chilling cos what Sung-moo did is horrifying. He is treating people (even though he may be the one who created them) exactly like what a psycho mass murderer would do — finish them off without remorse. On the other hand, a part of me feel vilified that he has regained some control over his creation. Up till now, Kang-chul et al. has been stringing him along their storylines, even though Sung-moo was the one who brought them to “life”.


But Yeon-joo got her man, and basically, that’s all I care about.

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