I’m referring to the characters, btw. Excepting snotty Jung-suk, the rest of the teaching staff at Noryangjin are…wacky (and that’s a nice understatement). I wonder who in the world will apply to study there with teachers like Jin-woong, who’s supposed to teach Economics…but I think he is more suited to teach Acting (or Bad Acting 101). There’s also the va va voom Jin-yi, who is popular with male students, cos ahem…she markets her tits and bums, when she is supposed to be marketing her English language skill.


There’s hardly any NORMAL characters, which make me find it difficult to like Drinking. I’m starting to think I really need a few drinks in order to see the show in a positive light. Even the protagonist, Ha-na, borders on being irritating in her overuse of comic slapstick. I get it she is down and out, and lonely to boot. Even though Jin-yi is supposedly her unni/fren, she sometimes comes across more like Ha-na’s frenemy. So poor friendless Ha-na has to resort to…talking to Siri. (or whatever the Andriod version of Siri is called)


Don’t get me even started on talking about Gong-myung, Ki-bum and Dong-young. I can’t stand it when the trio appear on screen. Ki-bum and Gong-myung belong to fairly well-to-do family, so they are the “typical” rich bums. Especially Ki-bum, who seems fond of burning through his money thinking up of half-assed schemes to “inspire” himself to study hard. I get it that Drinking is doing a tongue-in-cheek joke on those who are struggling with their studies and mugging (or supposedly mugging) for their civil exams in cheap gosiwons, but…the trio come across a pretty irritating, and for at least the better part of Drinking‘s debut, have no obvious link to the main characters or narrative.


And when Ki-bum goes di-doh-di, I got an urge to bash my screen. Not good.