On the whole, Three (Gochang) has the feel of a low-key Na PD’s pet project. It didn’t have the pre-show ra-ra as previous Three (particularly those starring Na PD’s fav variety host, Seo-jinnie), and even the round-up is different from other Three‘s endings. We don’t see much of edited clips, rather, ep12 strings together the highlights of eps1-11. The effect feels more of a “summary” rather than a “BTS”.


Though one thing that stood out in Three (Gochang) is the amount of warmth, and the lack of pretense or showmanship. Unlike other Three series, there are no guests to “entertain” (more like bully), and the 4 guys seem to be on a staycation at a farmhouse (barring the fact that they need to slog for meals).


The sense of vacation is all apparent in their rural “hobbies” — namely ball games. Prior to their makeshift table tennis (or baseball) craze, the guys tried out their hands at pool (?) billiards (?) (not too sure, cos the way of playing looks different from what i am used to)


Then there’s the comfort food prepared by ChajummaPapa Yoo, Ho-joonie and maknae Joo-hyuk name the stewed chicken soup as their fav. Only Chajumma acknowledges the versatile kimchi as one of the best “dishes”. (haha, spoken like a housewife who will appreciate the ingredients that go into making every dish magical)


I suppose the food and sitting around the small dining table help in breaking the ice between the sole newcomer and the earlier trio. Ho-joonie and Joo-hyuk (despite their 10-year age gap) got along so well that after Three‘s filming, they will still catch up with each other. And oh, Ho-joonie was also so impressed with Papa Yoo’s ability to ride a motorbike he actually took up lessons — with the hope to one day let Joo-hyuk ride pillion with him. (aww)


If you ask me, the only thing I felt sad about in this series of Three is the lack of animal members. Ok, there are ducks…but it’s kinda hard to feel connected to a bunch of avian as opposed to say…Sanchae or Bee… To salvage this, Winter is brought on to the set. But since he belongs to Papa Yoo in real, he seems more like a guest than a family member.


Whatever the case, Three (Gochang) has formally ended (with the hope that there will be another series which will gather our cute family together). But we can look forward to Seo-jinnie and his whining — and bullying — come Oct. Na PD is risking his ears and sending Seo-jinnie, Eric (the variety heodang) and maknae Jung Yoon-do to a remote island … somewhere. And Seo-jinnie has to learn how to operate a fast boat in order to…get there? or survive there?