Remember the iconic glass slipper in Cinderella? (as in the fairy tale) It has become the search for a liver donor in Cinderella (the kdrama). Rather funny, if you ask me. But not an uncommon device in kdramaland — sickness of any form is “life changing” in a kdrama. So the 3 uncaring grandsons will finally turn for the better, and I bet Chairman Kang himself will become less of the usual stick-in-the-mud ahjusshi chaebol and allow Ji-woon and Ha-won to be together. Cos Cinderella is not a melo, and happy-ever-afters are kinda expected.


Besides the glass “liver” (haha), other icons in the fairy tale have been given a makeover too. Firstly, the antagonists in Cinderella are not Ha-won’s stepmother or step-sister. To be fair to them, they come across nicer than the “evil” step family of the fairy tale. At the very least, they don’t physically abuse Ha-won. And Mdm Park had brought up young Ha-won. I’d place the blame for Ha-won’s ill treatment partly on her father, who stupidly thought his deceased wife had made him a cuckoo. Cos Mdm Park and Yoo-na likely took the hint from Papa Eun’s coldness towards Ha-won in the past and started to treat her shabbily.


Plus, the mother-daughter pair is hilarious. I never for once thought they are a threat, cos their marry-a-chaebol schemes are so pathetic and ill thought thru that it will take a miracle for them to actually work. Now that Papa Eun has finally cleared up his doubts over Ha-won’s birth and has taken them into hand, they are juz going to be even more pathetically funny (like trying to trade in counterfeit bags in a luxury secondhand shop…oh well).


Lastly the Prince (or Knight as Cinderella calls them). Ji-woon is not someone who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It is obvious from the start that he is the sore thumb in the “Knights'” midst. He much prefers his down and dirty lifestyle of the past as a car mechanic, than someone who lounges around and fritters money away (i.e. Hyun-min). In a way, he’d be the least affected with a change (or downgrade) in lifestyle should Chairman Kang disown him or throw him out of Sky abode.


For that reason, he is compatible with Ha-won, who also comes from a humble background. But then…that won’t be the rags to riches Cinderella fairy tale isn’t it?