Shopping King Louis: A big, big world…

…and 2 small kids are lost. Despite Bok-sil acting more like the noona to an almost-hopeless Louis, she isn’t that capable of navigating a big city like Seoul on her own. And not only geographically, but also finding her way through and around the complicated and devious Seoulites and their day-to-day interactions.


For one, Bok-sil has learnt (the hard way) that city folks are cold and crafty (like sly Ma-ri). Even high schoolers are nasty. Poor her has her hard earned (reclaimed) savings robbed (again) by a bunch of girl thugs. In “return”, they gave her a few nasty scratches and bruises as souvenirs. And things in the big city are so expensive, her previous way of living from the earth to mouth no longer works in Seoul, she now survives from hand to mouth by scrubbing the tiled floors of Goldline daily as a cleaner.


To make this worse, kind hearted and innocent Bok-sil allows herself to be saddled with a good-for-nothing Louis, with the slim hope that he will regain his memories and help her locate her missing dongsaeng. Tbh, most city dwellers are a bunch of paranoid people. Not many will willingly adopt a stray human when they can’t even make ends meet. (and for city folks, standard of living comes with high(er) prices)


Even if the stray human in question is a chaebol, I’d suppose only Bok-sil is kind enough to shelter him. Juz look at the number of people who call Louis a “handsome beggar” in Shopping. Unfortunately, even with his memories intact, Louis isn’t exactly the most reliable person to navigate the treacherous waters inherent in all major cities. He juz isn’t up to understanding hidden agendas from the people he meet.


Can’t really blame him. Cos Louis’ previous life had been one of a hothouse flower. His granny literally has him locked up, even if the chains are made of gold and his cuffs are soft mink. Other than trusty Butler Kim, Louis doesn’t have anyone whom he can call a “friend”. (in fact, Butler Kim technically is still his servant) How in the world is he suppose to understand the murkiness of human interaction if he hasn’t been exposed to any?


So instead of being any help to an already very confused Bok-sil, Louis up till now has only been a (perpetually hungry) dead weight. (and he “helped” her lose her entire savings…again. how many times does our poor girl need to part with her money??)

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