Heh, the title says it all. In hangul, “incarnate” is written in the same way as Hwa-shin’s name is. And if translated word for word, the title does read “The Jealous Hwa-shin”.


Since the Green Eyed Monster has reared its head, things are not going to turn out well. For one, both Hwa-shin and Na-ri have began to keep secrets from Jung-won. And we all know what secrets in a relationship mean. Both are now cheating on Jung-won. It may be small secrets at first, like Hwa-shin and Na-ri both not telling Jung-won on the meaning behind little Pyo-bum’s stick figure drawings of Na-ri, and Na-ri choosing to inform Hwa-shin of her successful selection as a news broadcaster. The small stuff finally snowballed into a hot kiss — which the pair will of course keep it as a secret from Jung-won.


Although my sympathies are with Jung-won, I also empathise with Hwa-shin. Even though he does kinda deserves it for being so mean and aloof to Na-ri in the past. (see? hanging around someone does have its effects) Jo Jung-suk does the happy-smile-sad-face emoting perfectly. The scene where he drunkenly barges into Na-ri’s sleeping quarters at the station and half-pleads, half-cajoles her to love him, and he will “do whatever she wants” is funnily sad. Cos he finally realises he has missed the boat, and is regretting it. But it gives Na-ri (and us) several minutes of watching Jo Jung-suk sing, dance…and even rap! on screen.


It is thus easy to get on our moral high horse and tut-tut Hwa-shin for belatedly wanting the thing he has lost and now trying to steal Na-ri from Jung-won. But…I kinda don’t really think Jung-won is Mr Perfect, no matter how polished he looks and behaves. Even though he is courteous and gentlemanly, I find him a tad inconsiderate. I put it as him being the sole heir and son to Hera empire, and so far, whatever he wanted he gets it. And that has given him a bit of a self-entitlement syndrome. Coupled with his inexperience in handling matters of the heart (this is likely his first time he really loved someone), he comes across as rather pushy and possessive. Like how he keeps bugging Na-ri to choose whom she “loves more” — when Na-ri is ignorant of Hwa-shin’s interest in her.


Moreover, despite him having qualities that are on par with Hwa-shin (he is juz as rich, juz as successful, juz as good looking), his orders to Hwa-shin to stay away from Na-ri come across as insecure. So while the jealous bugbear may have turn Hwa-shin into a cute rapper-singer-dancer, Jung-won is another matter.