Sorry girls, it is bad news to be mixed up with Ji Chang-wook as Je-ha in K2, cos you will either end up dead, or almost dead. Rania, his pretty Middle Eastern almost-bride, got a bullet to her head for taking up his offer to be interpreter for Black Stone project. Yoo-jin nearly lost her life for taking the wheels when Je-ha raided her home and now An-na (who is allergic to strawberries) is on the verge of death for eating the strawberry ice-cream proffered by Je-ha. See?


Lame jokes aside, among the women associated with Je-ha, I find Yoo-jin the most watchable. Rania has too little screen time for any discussion, An-na is still (at the moment) too much the damsel in distress to evoke anything other than a mild sympathy, leaving Yoo-jin being the most multi-layered of the three.


I initially thought she is the usual evil Witch type of character (the reference to her AI as her Magic Mirror evokes the Snow White tale, with her being the Bad Witch, and An-na as Snow White), but with K2‘s narrative developments, Yoo-jin has proved herself to be more than that. She is a chaebol but cos of her gender, she doesn’t get the usual Kdrama treatment of chaebols. Even though she may be the true heir to her father’s company, she is forced to relinquish her powers to her step brother. I don’t buy her stepmum’s “explanation” that Yoo-jin didn’t get the company cos her dad was afraid of her ambitions. Seems to me that Stepmum plotted to oust her out for her own greedy reasons.


That doesn’t stop Yoo-jin from working around her disadvantage. She sets up an education fund, but uses her dad’s company (and its stocks) to fund it. No wonder Stepmum is livid. In a way, Yoo-jin is like An-na. Her dad had abandoned her, and in place, she has to contend with another woman who had claimed her mother’s place. I’m guessing that K2 will eventually develop An-na to be as vicious as Yoo-jin. She needs to, cos she can’t be saved by Je-ha ALL the time right? (i hope not)


Also, while Yoo-jin was introduced to us as a manipulative wife in a loveless marriage, hints in eps3-4 speak otherwise. It appears that she DID love Se-joon, and still hopes he will return the affection — even though she found out about his affair and his second family. At the moment, we are not given enough background on why she married Se-joon — is it cos she likes him, or she wants to use him in her (whatever) grand scheme to reclaim her father’s company? (or both?) Whatever the case, Yoo-jin does show she craves some form of returned affection from Se-joon, and is bitter when she knows she will never receive it. Kinda make me very sympathetic towards her.


Then again, her ruthlessness in controlling people around her makes me dislike her immensely. From having a hand in murdering An-na’s mum, to isolating An-na (and causing her to suffer from some kind of psychological disorder), to using An-na as a leverage, and her callousness in suggesting to release sex tapes of a director to his children to subjugate him…she is rather disgusting.

At this point in time, I am still pretty ambivalent towards Yoo-jin. So I don’t wish to see her in a bad spot when K2 ends, but neither do I want her to get away scot free.