While Chajumma and gang give off the vibe of a happy family out on a farmland/ fishing vacay, Seo-jinnie and crew present the opposite. Whether it is due to editing, or reality, or a mixture of both, Seo-jinnie’s Three (Fishing) seem more like a reluctant construction firm’s boss overseeing his engineer/ foreman (Eric) and the clueless blue collared worker, Kyun-sang, in some hard labour.


Can’t be helped if all we see of Seo-jinnie is him sitting around and if not (over) looking the 2 boys in amusement or whining about something (like having no fridge, no built stove, etc) to Na PD. Surprisingly, despite Eric’s heodang image on his Running Man‘s appearances, he is very handy in Three (Fishing). Not only is he an experienced fisherman (his technical lingo over the various baits and rods totally lost me…and the other 2 guys), he is also a clever chef(Chajumma has competition!) who resorts to ingenious ways to cook without getting his hands dirty or ending up with too many pots/pans to wash. (me likey) But oh dear, his luck with fishing and his knowledge of his hobby are digs on Papa Yoo, who is not only clueless but also luckless. (poor thing)


Only drawback to clever Eric is his need to ponder over everything…which translates to a severe reduction in efficiency. Basically, he takes a loooong time to DO anything (like cooking — the cast ate lunch at 3pm and dinner at 11pm), cos he spends too long considering all the angles to…(no idea what). Strong, silent hunk indeed.

I pity Kyun-sang though. Caught between grumpy Seo-jinnie and task master Eric, he basically has to do everything. But Na PD has chosen the correct maknae for the job. Kyun-sang is your dream slave — he is positive and enthusiastic over everything. Even getting soot in his eyes from fanning the fire in the DIY stove.


To celebrate the return of Seo-jinnie and also the introduction of the new members, Na PD prepared gifts. Gifts that befit each guy based on their “rank” in Three (Fishing). Seo-jinnie (aka the Boss), gets a fast boat, named…Seo-jinnie ho (in English, juz “Seo-jinnie”). Eric gets a tractor that runs at top speed of 15kmh (lol) named fondly as Erica(r) (Eric-car), and Kyun-sang gets a multipurpose tool suitable for his role as an odd job labourer — a pail (which is also named after him). (die of laughter)


The highlight though, is Kyun-sang’s 2 kitties (seem like it’s the “in thing” now to bring own pets to Three). Both are Maine Coons, the grey (older) one is named Kong (cos Kyun-sang says her beauty makes his heart thump — i.e. goes “kong-kong”), and the younger brown one is named Mong (for his short legs). Kong gets favoured by Seo-jinnie (the can’t-be-bothered-about-animals guy) cos she is a cute scaredy cat. Maybe Kong brings out the protective alpha male thing in Seo-jinnie. Mong though, heck cares about the change of surroundings. In fact, he is so glad to be out and about exploring that it takes Kyun-sang plenty effort to find him.


But oh man, both are so cute…. (purr)