Three Meals a Day (Fishing Village s3), ep2: Weecaps

It is all about crabs in Three (Fishing s3). Simply cos the cast hardly catches anything other than crabs. Thankfully, they are delicious whether in a simple guk (soup) or bokkeumbup (fried rice). Eric never fails to amaze me with his secret talent in cooking — he is the strong, silent type, you never know what tricks he has up in his sleeves. For example, he devises a clever way to extract all the crab meat from the crab by pushing a rolling pin over the hard to eat legs/ pincers. Even Seo-jinnie is in awe. So much so he publicly throws down the gauntlet, challenging Chajumma to a cook-out with Eric. (i wanna watch that!!)


However, one thing about having too many crabs in a tank (the cast has to fill up the water tanks in their simple hanok with at least 10 different types of sea creatures) is they start to fight and attack anything else within sight. So a few crabs lose their pincers in a crab fight…but the worst hit is Michael the Abalone. Michael is a “gift” from the crew. A starter creature to help roll in the other 9 species. Unfortunately, Michael got…eaten. (gasp) By a crab. (which was named “Charles” by Eric) Seo-jinnie’s response? “We will have Charles for dinner tomorrow.” (after expressing some regret that they didn’t get to eat Michael first…pfft)


Other than crabs, the cast also manages to top up the water tank with 3 other species of sea creatures: Japanese whiting, a jelly fish and 2 grass puffers. Out of which only the whiting is edible. Kyun-sang proves to have very good beginner’s luck in fishing, cos nearly all the edible (and inedible) catches are hauled in by him. Despite being the most experienced, Eric only manages to reel in a whiting or two. As for Seo-jinnie? He scoops up a jelly fish, after getting bored waiting for something (anything) to bite his line. (and oh, he broke a rod — juz by touching it)


In case you are really thinking Seo-jinnie does nothing but sits on his bums all day (er…well…almost), Eric’s culinary skills inspire him to volunteer to dig for clams in the mudflat in order to eat spaghetti vongole. And he gets really down and dirty, pushing in his arms into the grey soggy mud to feel for clams. While Kyun-sang half heartedly scrapes the top with his pronged scraper. Unfortunately, Seo-jinnie doesn’t have a good feel of clam harvesting yet, cos all the shells he brought in are empty ones (i.e. dead clams).


Better luck next time, hopefully.

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