Week 4


We spend an episode on the last of some lovey-dovey scenes between Gab-soon and Gab-deol, before all hell broke loose. First Gab-soon’s older siblings tried to persuade the young lovers to go back home and get their parents’ approval. Then the youngsters decide to runaway again (groan) but were caught by Gab-soon’s parents before they escaped. The worst thing that happened in this week’s episodes? Gab-soon wasn’t pregnant at all. So we spent 8 episodes on a wild goose chase.

Week 5


Since the Gab-gab couple broke up in the previous week, there’s no shared scenes between them in this week’s episodes, as they mope (well that’s mostly Gab-deol doing the moping) and Show is more focused on everyone else. Nothing much really moved forward – Gab-soon’s siblings Jae-soon is suffering in silence from her rudeĀ step-daughters, while brother Se-gye tried to rebel…by missing work. WTH. Gab-deol sister Da-hae is adding fuel to fire by insisting on seeing her daughters, which only made the girls be even more rude to Jae-soon, who’s trying to be the reasonable adult to them.

Week 6


Gab-soon found herself a rich boyfriend (?), the son of the owner of the building where she’s working part-time at. Gab-deol is still wasting his time away, although he seems to have grown up a wee bit (?), delivering milk with his Mom in the morning. The story is still not moving forward, though we can more or less conclude that Gab-soon’s family is just as dysfunctional as every other family here. I can’t find myself liking any characters here; they’re either selfish, childish, or totally unreasonable. At least Gab-soon’s Dad seems more normal.