If prev ep was on crabs, this ep is all on Amazing Chef E (the moniker given to Eric who has been whipping up delicious meals for the guys). From crab meat fried rice and crab soup to japchae (Seo-jinnie’s fav) and BBQ clams.


But before the guys feast, they have to expend some energy. Unlike Manjae-do, Deukryang-do is rich with agricultural produce, which the farming folks are gladly sharing with the cast and crew. Meaning, they can pick and dig whatever and however much they want from the trees and fields. Seo-jinnie falls in love with the humongous sweet potatoes and has no qualms digging a pail load of them to supplement their meagre (?) fare.


As if they are eating like beggars. The guys have their requisite chicken coop (eggs) and a pretty decent patch of vegetable plot which produces lettuces, chives, spring onions etc. If they are sick of crab (as if), the tide will always bring them fresh shellfish. The 3 go digging at the mud flat during low tide, and basically pick scallops, cockles, white clams and razor clams off the ground. (I am thinking Chajumma and crew will be so envious)


The clams from prev ep dug out by Seo-jinnie go into the spaghetti vongole aglio olio style for their afternoon lunch. Dinner – samgyeopsal, which Seo-jinnie sold his soul for. He promised (on behalf of the other 2 guys as well) to return the “cost” of the dinner the following day.


And so, it’s back to farming to pay off debts. (strange. This is a “fishing village” ep, but I am seeing more work on land than on water) Their first task is to plant napa cabbages so that by late autumn, the cabbages will be ready for harvesting and kimchi making. Seo-jinnie shows rookie Kyun-sang how to use the seedling planter, and promptly leaves him to finish planting the remaining 1000++ seedlings. Eric juz heads home to start on dinner prep. (cos he is so slooowww)


When the cast returns 3 weeks later to Deukryang-do, autumn rains are in full swing. So up comes the blue tentage to block the rainwater from putting out the fire. While the cast is busy tending to the household chores, Kong and Mong are checking out the bedrooms. Mong has decided that sleeping squashed between a stack of comic books and the bookshelf is ideal, while Kong finally overcomes his initial apprehension of his new, strange space and decides to try to venture into the great outdoors.


Unfortunately for him, he gets captured and chucked back into the bedroom whenever he pushes the door open with his paws. (aww, better luck next time Kong)