When I first knew of this web drama via Dramabeans’s news and later the circulated teaser, my first response was…who in the world is that rich to pay all of these top stars to come together in ONE drama? Well, I got my answer. Lotte presents to us its innovative long drawn commercial…


Main cast:

  • Choi Ji-woo (from Twenty Again) as the seraphim who grants Cho-hee a wish after she helped her retrieve her seraphim “passport”.
  • Lee Cho-hee (from Lucky Romance). She works as a Lotte Departmental Store’s concierge and wishes to have a boyfriend on her 25th birthday.
  • Lee Joon-ki (from Moon Lovers). He is No. 1 of 7, the chaebol Mr Perfect boyfriend.
  • Park Hae-jin (from Bad Guys) as Cho-hee’s boss and No. 2 of 7 boyfriends.
  • Ji Chang-wook (from The K2) as No. 3 of 7, a secret agent.
  • Lee Jong-suk (from W) as a top star, No. 4 of 7 boyfriends.
  • Ok Taecyon (from Let’s Fight, Ghost) as the naïve rich kid, No. 5 of 7.
  • Kai (EXO), Cho-hee’s adorable young student No. 6 of 7.
  • Lee Min-ho (Legend of the Blue Sea) as a savvy traveler, No. 7 of 7.




Cho-hee works as a concierge in Lotte Departmental Store, and while she has no grouse about her job (hint: Lotte is such a nice place to work in), she does feel upset that she hasn’t got a boyfriend at 25.


On another seemingly normal day (which also happens to be her birthday), a dazzling lady (Choi Ji-woo) walks in. Unknown to Cho-hee, Ji-woo is a seraphim (or an angel of Love), who is also rather scatterbrained. Ji-woo misplaces her seraphim pass on the concierge desk. Luckily, Cho-hee manages to retrieve it and returns it to her. In gratitude, Ji-woo grants Cho-hee her biggest wish.


And in walks…Lee Joon-ki. Whose opening speech to a speechless Cho-hee is to inform her he will be waiting at the main door when she knocks off.


Excuse me while I die laughing.


Ok, so Kiss makes ZERO pretense at trying to be anything but crappy. It even states in its secondary title that it is a “nonsensical girly drama”. Well, nonsensical it is. I am kinda worried that what all Ji-woo did was to pull out the row of pictured guys from Lotte’s Tunnel of Fame (which has the photos of our 7 male leads as Lotte’s top spokesmen). In which case, poor Cho-hee. She may end up dating nobody and her (wet) dream may be juz a serious case of day dreaming.


And to continue the snarkiness – I suppose what Lotte plans to achieve with this short web drama is to showcase how fantastic it is to not only shop but also work in Lotte. Well, if one of the perks of employment is to have a chance to go on a date with the above 7 hunks, I suppose Lotte will need to issue Q tickets soon.


Even though I’m being snarky about it, there’s still so much fun swooning over my laptop screen.