Well, since each ep is like a short 10mins, I decided to be nice and do a recap per ep. Embedded in my recap will be my (snarky-swoony) review as well.


Not long after Seraphim Ji-woo grants Cho-hee (I think her name in Kiss is Min Soo-hee, but I shall juz continue using the actress’ real name) her unspoken wish, she experiences a strange time-lapse. And when she recovers from it, in walks Lee Joon-ki. Cho-hee’s colleagues gape and start twittering excitedly, but strangely, when Cho-hee asks if she juz saw Lee Joon-ki the actor walking in, they claim she is an ignorant village girl. It’s Lee Joon-ki, the Korean version of a Steve Jobs.


Whether he is an actor or an IT genius, the last thing Cho-hee expected is Joon-ki bee-lining to her and nicely asking if she is knocking off soon. “I will be waiting at the entrance for you” (swoons… me too, Cho-hee) Cho-hee is thrilled but thinks Joon-ki has mistaken her for someone else, and when she doesn’t find him at the entrance later she thinks her assumption is spot-on.


Well, Joon-ki is waiting for her a short way down the road. Without explaining much, he grabs her hand and leads her into his spiffy, red sports car, claiming he only wants a dinner with her – nothing else. (er, didn’t Cho-hee remember never to get into strange men’s car?)


So off they zoom and stop at Joon-ki’s impressive abode, where the wall is plastered with Joon-ki gracing several established geeky magazines, all touting him as the next IT Whiz kid. And yeah, they really juz had dinner. Even though Cho-hee mainly juz ogled at Joon-ki. (I doubt she tasted her steak, but I don’t blame her)


Post-dinner, Joon-ki leads her to his patio and clicks on a projector screen. A series of pictures flash on screen, and with a shock, Cho-hee recognizes herself. Someone (presumably Joon-ki) had secretly taken candid pics of her as a young girl, all the way to high school. Next to her, Joon-ki gently introduces himself. He claims they had participated in a Science Fair together, to which Cho-hee’s response is “huh, did we???” She finally (kinda) recognize him, as her “church oppa” – the popular, handsome geek wayyyy back in her school days. (hmm…in a different show, Cho-hee not remembering the Joon-ki who insisted they “knew” each other would be a prelude to Joon-ki scamming her)


Church-Oppa-turned-Rich-IT-Boss Joon-ki leaves her musing for a while and re-appears with a BIG bouquet of roses. “Sorry for stalking you, but I’ve always wanted to find an opportunity to confess to you…now is the time” Heart fluttering, Cho-hee is at a loss for response (omg, who won’t??? heck about the psychopath stalker gut feel). They lean in for a kiss….


…and the time-lapse flutter returns. When Cho-hee opens her eyes, she finds herself back at Lotte Duty Free Concierge, with her lips puckered up for a Joon-ki’s kiss (-that-never-happened). (at this point, I am kinda worried that all Seraphim Ji-woo did was grant Cho-hee’s wish by putting her in a continuous dream) Her colleagues snap her out of her day dreaming (?) and asks her if she has “voted”. Before Cho-hee can respond, she notices that one of the seven cards Seraphim Ji-woo left on her desk has transformed itself with Joon-ki’s pic on it.


Still in a blur, and holding on to her colleague’s phone (to vote for the department’s most popular boss), someone grabs the phone out of her hand rather brusquely. Cho-hee looks up in shock at…Park Hae-jin. (cue, credits)

[Afterword: I won’t be surprised if this advert disguised as a web drama will poll for viewers’ choice of ending. Which male lead they’d prefer Cho-hee (and secretly themselves) to date]