It’s been such a long time since I blogged, even though the drama/movie watching hasn’t stopped. Hopefully I can get some backlog posts completed soon, starting with this gem in the current Wed-Thu dramas!


We’re exactly at the half-way mark of Show, and while it’s not winning the ratings game, personally I feel this drama is one to remember for a long time to come. Heo Jung Eun stars as the titular Geum-bi, a 9 year-old who’s mature beyond her age and suffers from a rare disease named Niemann-pick Type C, also known as childhood alzheimer’s. The premise sounds depressing enough, but 8 episodes into Show, it’s nothing depressing. Instead, it tugs at the heartstrings as we watch Geum-bi face her illness bravely, with smiles and lots of courage, and at times just as how a normal child would be, talking back to her Dad Mo Hwi-chul (Oh Ji Ho).


Geum-bi was abandoned by her birth mother Yoo Joo-young (Oh Yoon Ah) and raised by an unrelated Aunt, whom Geum-bi later revealed that the Aunt abandoned her upon learning about Geum-bi’s disease. Aunt instructed her to look for Dad, who then managed to escape jail time (he’s a swindler) thanks to Geum-bi (although Hwi-chul didn’t intend to make use of Geum-bi at all). Thus starts their lives together, butting heads about almost everything and at times Geum-bi is more like the adult that Hwi-chul is. They meet Go Kang Hee (Park Jin Hee) by chance, and ends up living at Kang Hee’s house.


The father-daughter duo helps Kang Hee walk out of her depression, as Kang Hee takes a special liking to Geum-bi. Hwi-chul and Kang Hee also develop a loveline, as they decide to take care of Geum-bi upon learning of her disease. It’s the scenes of the trio that’s heartwarming, as they’re just like any other family. Geum-bi is showered with the love that’s missing in her earlier years, and although all that abandonment and neglect made her mature beyond her age, the love from Hwi-chul and Kang Hee allowed Geum-bi to smile and enjoy her childhood before her condition deteriorates.


Admist all that impending gloom of Joo Young trying to snatch Geum-bi when she learned that her own mother, aka Geum-bi’s grandma, left her entire fortune to Geum-bi; and Hwi-chul having to fight a super vengeful frenemy Cha Chi Soo (Lee Ji Hoon) who insists that his life is destroyed by Hwi-chul, Geum-bi develops a puppy love with her classmate Hwang Jae Ha (Park Min Soo). Their scenes together are so aww-inducing and Jae Ha is an absolutely swoony guy in making, staying by Geum-bi’s side despite learning that she’s sick.


I hope the rest of Show will continue its upbeat moments, and if Heo Jung Eun doesn’t get Best Child Actor award from KBS, we’ll have words.