Ok, so Joon-ki poofed into thin air after almost kissing Cho-hee, and she finds herself back at Lotte’s Concierge. And to add to her confusion, her colleagues are bugging her to vote for their supervisor as The Most Desirable Hunky Boss around (note: Cho-hee’s supervisor is a pudgy baldy)


But before she can react, someone snatches her phone from her hand. She looks up and gasp “Park Hae-jin???” Her colleagues titter nervously and elbow her to show respect for their “supervisor”. Supervisor Hae-jin sternly admonishes Cho-hee for using a phone during office hour, and tells her to “See Me” (oh man, I won’t mind! YES BOSS!) after working hours to collect her (now) confiscated phone.


Still reeling in shock and disbelief that Actor Park Hae-jin is in Lotte, Cho-hee gets triply confused when her colleagues insist he is their “new supervisor”.


A girl still needs her phone though. So after knocking off, Cho-hee heads up to Supervisor Hae-jin’s office, to find him in “MANLY-HARD-AT-WORK-DEEP-CONCENTRATION” mode. Complete with rolled up sleeves revealing that nicely veined male forearms (excuse me while I hyperventilate). Supervisor Hae-jin shushes Cho-hee to focus on signing his all-important documents, which gives Cho-hee plenty of time to ogle and fangirl over that arm.


After some time (enough for Cho-hee to get a GOOD eyeful), Supervisor Hae-jin decides to notice his subordinate’s presence, “Do you have time now to put in some over time (OT)?” Cho-hee readily agrees (me too me too!). “But first, we eat”…and that’s how Supervisor Hae-jin manages to sit Cho-hee down for some really swanky bento boxes. (Lotte’s Foodmart sells them, I’ve tried a few, they are delish)


Seriously, I wonder if Cho-hee manages to get ANY food down her throat even after sitting through 2 dinners, cos she is again more interested in visually feasting on Supervisor Hae-jin than actually eating. When asked to play some music “to set the mood”, Cho-hee’s phone decides to blare heavy metal, to her mortification. (lol)


After dinner, Supervisor Hae-jin decides to send her home (er, you mean the OT is dinner with you?). While he goes out to retrieve his car, Cho-hee notices a stack of photos on his desk. Eeps, they are photos which she received anonymously some time back, which shows her body parts like legs, hands, up close. Alarmed, Cho-hee stuffs the photos back and attempts to escape.


She doesn’t get far on the fire escape staircase before her phone rings – it’s Supervisor Hae-jin. He notices her making her way down on the stairs and runs after her. So Cho-hee runs too. She presses the service lift and (phew) it opens before Supervisor Hae-jin catches her…


…unfortunately, the real pervert is inside the lift. A plump ahjaushhi leers at Cho-hee, and proceeds to strip down to his undies while cornering Cho-hee. Thankfully, (Hero) Supervisor Hae-jin saves the day by tackling the pervert down and packing him off to the police station.


After the hubbub, Supervisor Hae-jin explains that he had noticed the photos and purposely asked Cho-hee to hang around in order to escort her home. Like Church Oppa Joon-ki, he suddenly professes his admiration for Cho-hee and asks her to date him. He leans in to kiss her…

And we are back to Square 1. The concierge desk.


The real supervisor (pudgy baldy) runs by and hands Cho-hee an unmarked envelope, saying that it’s “for her”. Befuddled, Cho-hee hangs on to it, as she’d notice the second card on the desk transforms into one with Hae-jin’s face. Behind the card reads “Beware The Kiss: as It will bring Fantasy into Reality”.


In the basement carpark of Lotte, a group of masked man are in pursuit of…Ji Chang-wook.