Goblin: Recycled Lives

One thing about living through 900++ years is eventually you begin to see the same people over and over again, albeit in different forms and taking on different identities. The most obvious being Deok-hwa. His tiny and now adult forms are the exact replica of Shin’s first Butler-to-the-Goblin, even though their mannerisms and attitudes are complete opposites.


While Deok-hwa is a no-brainer, some other characters are open to (much) speculation. Namely, Shin’s sister (the Queen) and the King who ordered his death. I base my guess on eps3/4; Sunny seems to be Shin’s sis (aka the young Queen), and Grim Reaper Yeo, the Young King (aka Shin’s long sought after enemy).

First clue: when Shin is resurrected and rushes to the Palace to exact his revenge, time has passed. Enough time for Evil Eunuch to become a grandpa. We don’t know how Young King looks like in his death, cos he is conveniently wrapped in a body shroud.


Second clue: the pictures of the Young Queen in the King’s study. He did love her, and imo, regretted ordering her death. So Yeo’s sudden infatuation with Sunny could be the emotional baggage that somehow did not disappear even after drinking the memory-loss tea.


Third clue: The jade ring which drew Yeo and Sunny together, and Yeo’s response to it. For no apparent reason, he cries when he sees it, and is both thunderstruck (maybe literally) at Sunny when she picks it up. (and we know from the blurbs they are the second OTP) Granny Samshin’s dire prophesizing also hints at the upcoming pain and grief the second OTP will face once they know their past lives and connections with Shin.


Other clues: Sunny’s reference to preferring a “King” rather than a “Prince (Charming)” on a White Horse as a boyfriend, and Shin’s confessed inability to recognize the Young King’s reincarnation, but at the same time, the juicy tidbit he drops about Reapers having done “something really bad” in their previous life. And of cos, Yeo’s amnesia, which is made out to be an enough “big issue” to be in the blurbs and having the characters’ pay constant lip service to it.


Well, if Yeo really turns out to be Shin’s arch enemy and the one he “missed” exacting revenge on, it will give Goblin a rather emo narrative twist. Cos we all can see for certain that Shin and Yeo have a budding bromance going on. If it turns out that Yeo is indeed the person Shin most wanted to seek out to kill after (close to) a thousand year, we can only hope that Yeo had been remorseful for his actions in his past life and Shin has mellowed enough for them to get over the hurdle and remain friends.

[and something irrelevant to this post: there’s an easy way out for Eun-tak and Shin to stay together. She juz needs to grow old with Shin…and only pull out that sword when she is a granny…Ta-dah! OTP saved — without the need for a worm hole]

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  1. It’s probably why she is on borrowed time that will make the obvious solution not the best choice. If Grim Reaper was not Goblin’s friend he would have filed the paperwork asap to the new team to solve her destined death and not hesitate since he’s made out to be OC. Or Reaper discovers his old life and decides to atone his sin by helping Shin. But then the gods might give Yeo a deal to be with Sunny but he has to do his job. Still begs the question if they can actually take her since the Goblin looks more powerful than the Reaper. Will we see a more powerful god come into the picture?

    It’s obvious Korea enjoys older-younger OTPs judging by how many dramas have them. I don’t know why they need to make her that young honestly. She can still have childish antics or be needy and co-dependent or naive in love without being a highschooler. They’re both great actors (the whole cast) and do have chemistry so I do enjoy it but I can’t deny it’s on the back of my mind every romantic scene they have.

  2. Haha i like your alternative scenario with Euntak and Shin. They just love to cry and mope around that’s why all this angst.

    I do think Yeo is the King and Sunny is the Queen, and it will be hard to exact revenge on reaper since both are forming an unexpected friendship. Which goes to show why the King had to have Shin and the queen killed. It goes beyond the Eunnch badmouthing and the fact that Shin felt betrayed. Cannot wait for a flashback on that story.
    I suspect that the Secretary to grandpa is the reincarnation of the Ennuch. Even though, he is to watch Deok Hwa, he feels off and random and it doesn’t help that the actor roles are mostly being a weasel.

    My main mystery I am still trying to solve is who is the shaman lady? We see her “reincarnated” into a beautiful lady in the present so we cannot place her in the past 900 years back because we see her old in the present with much information on the characters.

    1. Well, juz as there are some reincarnation in Goblin, there are also characters who are “new” or “constant”. Eun-tak being one of the “new” ones. She is not Shines wife (if he had one) when he was a General and he hadn’t meet her in all his 900+ years. Granny Samshin is a deity as well. In Korean folklore she is a Birth Mother, and a goddess that protects pregnant women and young children (up to 7 years). So she doesn’t have an “age”, technically speaking. And that’s why the Reapers defer to her.

  3. Oh, that was far from the conclusion on the queen being the wife. There is a relation, but I want the show to say it out loud, literally, before i jump ahead. Though, I am jumping ahead with Sunny and reaper having a chemistry. Oh thanks for the explanation, it makes sense now, if that’s the case then, would it be safe to say that the queen was pregnant?????!!!

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