First Kiss for the Seventh Time (ep4): Recap

Ok, this ep really took the cake in Ridiculous…

Right after Cho-hee “wakes” (?) up from her fantasy with Park Hae-jin, she grouches that Seraphim Ji-woo has given her a “lousy birthday present”. “What’s the use of dreaming about all these gorgeous guys if I can’t even KISS them??!” (i feel you…i really do)


Still sulking, she changes back to her day outfit in the locker room. Only then, does she remember the mysterious envelope her supervisor had left for her earlier. She opens it to find a note, “Keep it safe, I will return for it later”. The “it” refers to a thumb drive enclosed in the envelope. Feeling piqued, Cho-hee slips the thumb drive into her bag and leaves.


On her way back, she walks through this so-dark-you-know-something-bad-is-bound-to-happen alley. Clutching her bag to her chest, she tries to hurry through the dark alley…when someone grabs and yanks her into a corner…Cho-hee screams but shuts it when she sees that someone is Ji Chang-wook. By now Cho-hee is no longer surprised that Lotte Walk of Fame’s actors are coming alive in different personae, but before she can react, Chang-wook asks for the thumb drive.


Once Cho-hee passes it to him, Chang-wook leaves. But he doesn’t get far before someone points a gun at his head. Amazingly, the thug that demands the thumb drive refers to Cho-hee as Agent Chang-wook’s “ex-colleague”. And interestingly, Cho-hee muttered response to herself is “so in THIS alternate universe, I was once a secret agent??”


As if to confirm her suspicions, Cho-hee suddenly becomes REAL BADASS. She takes down the thugs (like 5 or 6 of them) in several well-aimed punches, kicks…and even a cartwheel. (and she is juz as surprised as I am with her new found nifty moves)


With the thugs incapacitated, Chang-wook flees with Cho-hee. He brings her to Healer’s his safe house, and thanks her for helping him out. He promises not to “bother” her again, and leaves. Unfortunately, he hasn’t even taken 3 steps before he collapses on the floor. (snigger) Cue: Female Lead bandaging Gangster/ Agent/ Undercover Officer* (*strike out where appropriate) Male Lead  scene. Chang-wook has taken a grazing shot on his 6-packs while tussling with the gun-wielding thug.


After the requisite skinship is completed, and there’s nothing much else to be done, Cho-hee tries to leave. With a deft wrist grab, Chang-wook tugs her back down on the sofa. He apologises for dragging her out from “retirement”, and Cho-hee learns that she is previously Chang-wook’s subordinate, and he chose her on his team because of her courage. He subsequently fell in love with her, but tried to suppress his feelings. Discouraged, Cho-hee had quit the agency and chosen to live out a more sedate life — at Lotte Duty Free’s concierge. (where the perks are immeasurable, as we have seen)


Gazing into her eyes, Chang-wook admits it was “a mistake letting her go”. He promises not to repeat the same mistake a second time round, and invites her to “run away with him to the end of the world”. Totally smitten, Cho-hee leans in for the kiss (that will never happen)…


…and like magic, she is back at her desk. Like the previous 2 times, Chang-wook’s face appears on the third card in the deck. Totally grumpy by now at having being robbed of a hot kiss THRICE, Cho-hee is not really in the mood to entertain her pudgy supervisor as he drags two Chinese tourists towards the concierge. He instructs Cho-hee to bring them around and act as translator — to which, Cho-hee goes “Huh? me??”


While she is busy trying her best to translate Korean to Mandarin, her phone starts vibrating. On the other line is Kai, who grouches that “noona never ever answers her phone”.

3 thoughts on “First Kiss for the Seventh Time (ep4): Recap

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  1. Glad you are recapping this because I find the series too cheesy. I don’t dislike cheese per se but I’m not in the mood the moment. Will keep them for the right time & read your recaps. Thanks!

  2. By the time Lee Min Ho appears, the heroine would probably decide to kiss first and foremost no explanation needed because damn it, Seraphim, all those sexy lips only milimeters away and you snatch them away at the very critical times!

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