First Impression – Solomon’s Perjury

Although I didn’t watch White Christmas, I felt the similarity it has with Solomon’s Perjury, even though if I’m not wrong, this show is more clear-cut of kids vs adults, where the adults are The Big Bad. I do like how among the kids there’re dubious and suspicious characters, making them not so innocent after all.


Adapted from the Japanese novel of the same name, Solomon’s Perjury is about a death that happened on campus, Jeongguk High School. Two weeks prior to his death, Lee Seo-woo (Seo Young Joo) was involved in a fight with the school bully Choi Woo-hyuk (Baek Chul-min). Seo-woo was advised by the school foundation’s department head Han Kyung-moon (Jo Jae-hyun) to forget about an incident and transfer school. Seo-woo was indignant and stopped coming to school on his own.


A couple of classmates were worried about his absence, especially the class president Go Seo-yeon (Kim Hyun-soo). They’re naturally affected by his death, particularly Bae Joon-young (Seo Ji-hoon), a quiet boy whose parents argue daily and on top of that, his own mother seems to have some deep-set grudges against Joon-young. He was the first to uncover Seo-woo’s body buried in snow on Christmas Day, and Seo-yeon found him in shock not long after.


It affected Joon-young so much that he almost contemplated suicide, and Seo-yeon made him report to her daily his whereabouts (is there some budding puppy love here?). And while some students are negatively affected by Seo-woo’s death, one girl tries to take advantage of the situation to get her revenge on the bully Woo-hyuk.


She is Lee Joo-ri, and it seems that she is a bully victim, not just by Woo-hyuk but also most of the other schoolmates. She left anonymous letters to both the school’s principal and Seo-yeon, claiming that she saw Woo-hyuk and his cronies kill Seo-woo. While the adults are eager to mark Seo-woo’s death as suicide (he’s a troubled kid, blah blah), Seo-yeon is determined to find out the truth however, despite the adults telling them it’s the best to leave it to the adults to deal with it.


There’s alot of information packed in the first two episodes, but it was well-paced, and I especially like the exploration of themes such as bullying, blackmailing and such. The approach is novel in Kdramaland too, having a group of high school students holding a mock trial, as written in the novel. I doubt the real murderer is Woo-hyuk, and Seo-woo doesn’t seem like he’ll commit suicide. I’m intrigued to find out more, especially the relationships between all the kids, and the flashback showing Seo-woo being good friends with Kyung-moon’s son Ji Hoon.

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