Disclaimer: Table below represents my own opinion of the shows, and are only limited to shows which I have at least watched to the halfway mark.


Station/ Review

Muz Watch

Who cares about beauty sleep anyway?

Should Watch

Hide in the toilet during office hours if you have to…

Can Watch

If you have spare time…and nothing else better to do…

Don’t Watch

I’m sure you have other things better to do

KBS2 * Descendants of the Sun
* Page Turner
* Oh My Venus
* Neighbourhood  Lawyer Jo Deul-ho
* Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
* The Man Living in our House * Moorim School
* Master: God of Noodles
* Uncontrollably Fond
* Shopping King Louis
* Jealousy Incarnate
* Legend of the Blue Sea
* Lucky Romance * One More Happy Ending
* Imaginary Cat
* Doctors
* Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart, Ryeo
* Wanted
* Mrs Cop II
* Goodbye Mr Black (note: watched, but didn’t bother to review)
* My Little Baby
tvN * Another Oh Hae-young
* Reply 1988
* Signal (I am so tempted to increase font size)
* Dear My Friends
* Goblin (technically not at halfway mark…but damn, it is good)
* Cheese in the Trap
* Pied Piper
* Let’s Fight, Ghost
* Drinking Solo
* The Good Wife
* The K2
* Cinderella and the Four Knights
OCN * Police Unit 38 * Neighbourhood Hero
* Vampire Detective
jTBC * Mirror of the Witch * Madame Antoine
* Ms Temper and Nam Jung-ki
Naver Webcasts * First Kiss for the Seventh Time

So what’s trending for 2016?


  1. Toothless, clawless Second Female Bitch

Gosh, to think a second female lead in Kdramaland can be…nice? To the point I actually like her(s)? Yep, strange but true. Kdramaland finally wakes up to the idea that not ALL women who lose out on her man turn themselves into vengeful harpies. Descendants, Oh Hae-young, Moonlight, Louis (to name a few), had second female leads who are not only gracious at “walking away” from a losing battle, but also confident enough to step up and help the clueless first female lead gain her man. Which makes them even more attractive than the stereotyped first female lead – in a BIG way.


  1. The Lolita Effect

Noona Romance is so passé. ‘Tis the year for young nubile girls to romance ahjausshis. Some pairings worked (Ghost, Moonlight), some pairings didn’t (Doctors). Strangely enough, the furor online over the young girl – (much) older man is louder than a pairing between a matured lady – (much) younger guy. Maybe it has to do with the viewership being mainly female?


  1. Dramas that are NICE

Descendants, Doctors, Louis – the common thread between these 3 shows is they have zero villains, or villains who are ineffective at playing their roles. Ironically, I was gripping my seat throughout, expecting something bad to hang around the corner. Only to have rounded several corners, but nothing happened. To their credit, the narratives are not boring, despite having a serious lack in villainy.


… and that is all for sab’s 2016 Year in Review. Here’s to better scripted shows in Kdramaland for 2017. (i’m looking at you, Signal II)