When you boyfriend happens to be a chaebol, of cos your favourite past time would be…shopping. Taec brings Cho-hee round his store (I assume his family owns it), picking up (yes, PICKING UP) items like a diamond necklace, branded bags, several pieces of branded clothes, shoes, blahblah.


Of cos Cho-hee is over the moon. (who won’t) Well…until she meets with 2nd Female Bitch, who claims to be Taec’s (overly made up, garish) fiancée. 2nd Female Bitch does the usual I-own-this-man hissy thing at Cho-hee, and proceeds to throw a glass of water (which conveniently appeared from off screen on a silver platter) in her face. Cho-hee’s colleagues who have been watching from the sidelines gasp and titter in shock. (while I die from choking on my laughter)


Harpy (Future) Mother-in-law next makes her appearance on screen, and accuses Cho-hee of being an avaricious gold digger, “is the money envelope NOT enough?!” she screeches. A platter of kimchi appears suddenly and Cho-hee goes pale at how makjang the whole dream is turning out to be, “am I going to be whacked by kimchi next?!” Answer is no. Cos you are going to get seaweed thrown in your face instead, judging by the switcheroo from kimchi platter to seaweed platter.


Luckily, Taec returns from his toilet break, and proceeds to have the world’s slowest-slow-motion-push-pull fight with his mum over the seaweed, which ends up eventually on 2nd Female Bitch coiffed hair. (I am buried in laughter by now) Whining in her loudest voice at the “unfairness” of it all (er, I kinda agree), 2nd Female Bitch and Harpy Mother-in-law leave to clean up. (and Taec roundly scolds his family butler for serving the water-kim-chi-seaweed offscreen)


Worried that the makjang will drag on, Cho-hee does the unthinkable. She leans forward with the intent of kissing Taec in order to “end it”. Unfortunately, Taec manages to stop her with a finger to the lip. He promises “it’s time to make things right”.


And “making it right” involves a major press conference, where Taec solemnly announces he will be giving up his position as the next in line for inheriting the company. All so in order to “marry the woman he loves” – cue looking over at star struck Cho-hee with gooey eyes.
The reporters press Taec to kiss Cho-hee – and this time, Cho-hee tries with ALL her might to push Taec away – but to no avail.


She ends up back at the concierge, and sighs that there’s only 1 card (option) left. (my mistake, Seraphim Ji-woo apparently gave Cho-hee only 6, not 7, cards) Someone taps her on her shoulders and Cho-hee whirls around excitedly, thinking Mr 7 has arrived. But er, no, it’s a fat Asst PD, who asks her to “get ready”.


Apparently, Cho-hee has been selected to star in Lotte’s newest commercial – next to Lee Jong-suk. Her knees go wobbly at Jong-suk’s megawatt smile…and Jong-suk immediately helps her up, all the while flashing that to-die-for grin. (argh)