I suppose Lee Jong-suk is also Cho-hee’s idol, considering how flustered she is in his presence. Especially so when she finds out they are supposed to act as a couple in the advert. So it’s no wonder when Cho-hee flubs her way through, earning the wrath of the PD, who keeps yelling at her and stressing her out further.


Luckily Jong-suk is nice enough to make excuses for her and charms his way through the peevish PD for both of them. During the 10 min break, Jong-suk tries to put Cho-hee at ease, and she hilariously gives him her number, juz cos he “wants to break the ice”. But somehow the 1-sided phone number exchange works, cos Cho-hee is visibly less panicky the second round.


She manages to complete the ad with ease, earning her some praise (and dagger eyes from a colleague who is at the sideline hankering to take over her role) from the PD. He adds that “maybe they can include the scene which was earlier dropped”…


…and guess what? The dropped scene is one where Jong-suk kisses his “girlfriend” (aka Cho-hee) in the ad. Trying to prolong the moment, Cho-hee asks whether it will be a “real” kiss or a “make-believe” one. (yunno where the positioning of the actors make it SEEM like they are kissing)


Jong-suk smiles his mischievous smile to evade her question, but when the camera starts rolling, he leans in to kiss…


Poor Cho-hee wakes up to reality (this time for good) at her desk. She pouts and leaves her workstation to sulk in a corner, cursing that she only gets to have a boyfriend in her dreams. Seraphim Ji-woo appears suddenly, and assures her that her dream will become reality…but only ONE of them. Cho-hee’s face falls…”only ONE?” “Yes, ONLY ONE” With that Seraphim Ji-woo poofs into thin air.


Leaving Cho-hee to twist her knickers over which one to choose…