I never thought I’d enjoy Show this much, given that I actually didn’t finish watching You From Another Star (gasp!). I like the zippy fun admist that looming creepy murderer, and that past-life/reincarnate/alternate universe thing just makes me very intrigued at how the story will unfold.


Lee Min Ho was unexpectedly good as the jealous fool in love and he has pretty good comedic timing. The chemistry with Jeon Ji Hyun is not sizzling, but it’s still pleasing to the eye, and it’s not difficult to buy the love story between a man and the mermaid. Jeon is, as usual, one with her role Shim Chung the mermaid, and while there’s not alot of literal fish-out-of-water hijinks, she breathed life to the mystical creature who came on shore for her one and only love. I don’t find her childlike innocence irritating or stupid; there’re some who’re genuinely optimistic about everything in life. Shim Chung is not your typical heroine, nor a damsel in distress (her kicks are super powerful!), and it’s a delight watching every scene with her in it.


Heo Joon-jae (Lee Min Ho) is not your typical small-time swindler, and while I didn’t really  watch Unit 38, I’d say he’s as charming and witty as Seo In-gook‘s Yang Jung Do. What captivates me is not really Joon-jae, but Dam-ryung, his past life. I’m surprised Dam-ryung made the connection first, that he can warn Joon-jae that history is repeating itself and even took the trouble to make Joon-jae believe that he’s real. Hence, I’m not so sure it Joon-jae is Dam-ryung’s reincarnate, or they’re in parallel universe, but how would the latter stand if Shi-ah and her fellow archaeologists can find antiques from Dam-ryung’s era?


The supporting characters are however, not as interesting, especially the non-threatening ones such as Shi-ah and her family, and Joon-jae’s swindler friends. Shim Chung’s street fashionista friend is interesting in the sense that she dishes out pretty good life advices, though I doubt we’ll learn about exactly why she ended up on the streets and who she is. I love the cameos, especially Jo Jung-seok as the fellow merman. My gawd, his deadpan expression and all that meta references to Jealousy Incarnate and Master’s Sun, it’s so awesome. Through him we learn more about the merfolks, and Shim Chung gets some character growth.


I’d say Legend did not disappoint (so far), and while we’re not yet shown whether Joon-jae’s step-brother Chi-hyun (Lee Ji-hoon) is on the dark side or not (and I’m pretty sure he’s creepy murderer’s son), these conflicts add to the plot and I’m glad that the villains are not too one-dimensional here. Onward with more mermaid stories please!