What? Last ep and still no sign of Lee Min-ho?!


After Seraphim Ji-woo stresses to Cho-hee that she can only pick one of the six guys, we get to see…the ending of each kiss.


Ep1: Jun-ki leans in to kiss her…and Cho-hee sneezes in his face. (whut? Dies of laughter) Mortified, Cho-hee apologises, but Jun-ki is nice enough to ignore her (rather unhygienic and totally inappropriate) response, and offers her a blanket to snuggle.


Ep2: Supervisor Hye-jin closes in the gap for a smooch, only to be interrupted, “EXCUSE ME, can u sign the witness statement?” A police officer shoves a file in between the lovey-dovey couple, only to belatedly realize he was breaking up a Moment, “er…should I come back later?”


Magic moment busted, Hae-jin takes the statement over and both had an embarrassed chuckle over it.


Ep3: Agent Chang-wook prepares to seal his “travel-to-the-end-of-the-world-with-you” promise with a kiss…but a blaring alarm sounds. The two spies briskly walk over to the CCTVs and notice the thugs breaking into their “safe house”. Sighing, Chang-wook takes out a firearm and loads it. Next to him, Badass Cho-hee does the same. (I kinda like this Badass Cho-hee)


Ep4: Wannabe Lover Kai takes the opportunity to end his emotional blackmail (you-remove-the-couple-ring-we-are-no-longer-friends) with a kiss, only to have the lead dancer suddenly shouts, “CHA-CHA TIME!!!!!” And so, they two are taken for another fun filled, unglam twirl with the folk dancers.


Ep5: Chaebol Taec plans to inform the entire world his decision to wed Cho-hee and forsake his inheritance by having the pic of him kissing Cho-hee splashed on the front page news. “NO! STOP!!!!!” It’s hysterical (future) Mother-in-law. “I forbid your relationship…because both of you are (long-lost) SIBLINGS!” (Gape) “No, they are not!” Butler steps in to clarify, “I swopped the babies after the visit to the orphanage. Taec’s sister is…Second Female Bitch!” Cut to: a shell-shocked Second Female Bitch fainting at the doorway.


Ep6: Actor Lee Jong-suk dips Cho-hee a la Gone with the Wind style and prepares to smooch her, only to have the Director yell “Cut!” Cho-hee: “But… we haven’t KISS yet!!!” Director insists this almost-kiss is better than the real thing and refuses to do a retake. (spoilsport) Jong-suk jauntily walks off, but not before miming he will call Cho-hee once he rounds a corner (where nobody can see him).


So there, in the end, Cho-hee never does kiss anyone. (sad, right?) And where is Lee Min-ho anyway? Still busy with Mermaid Gianna Jun?